Backend Engineer

US, Remote /
R&D – Engineering /
Full Time Exempt
We take pride in our position as an innovator in the HR Tech landscape. This wouldn’t be possible without an outstanding team of engineers that applies next-generation thinking to our software products. Their abilities allow us to continually bring leading performance-management technology to market.

Our Engineering team’s Software Engineer helps elevate our product functionality even further. You will play a chief role in developing high-quality and efficient features that do just this.. As a participant throughout the product life cycle, you’ll be collaborating with multiple people and teams simultaneously. This role requires someone with technical expertise as well as confidence in developing high-quality backend code to enhance the development of various features. In your position as a Backend Engineer, you’ll be expected to participate in building a product that embodies both 15Five’s core values and Best-Self philosophy  guiding balanced decision-making when it comes to the development of various features.


    • Software Development 
    • Write efficient, easy-to-understand, and flexible code that results in increased customer value
    • Synthesize multiple solutions to a problem by enhancing the codebase and development experience through tooling improvements, refactoring, and balanced thought leadership
    • Participate in team decisions to implement balanced solutions in adherence to our standards, guidelines, and practices
    • Participate in the entire lifecycle of software development, including initial development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and further fixes and improvements
    • Play an active role in code reviews, helping team members follow the standards, guidelines, and best practices of the engineering team
    • Balance complexity, readability, performance, maintainability, flexibility, and other tradeoffs
    • Apply 15Five standards, guidelines, and practices to writing quality code

    • Cross-functional Participation
    • Provide feedback/opinions/input on documentation of processes and practices to team manager/director 
    • Voice issues and challenges with code or design to the associated stakeholders  
    • Work closely with product managers and other stakeholders to bring projects to completion
    • Assist in troubleshooting efforts with technology/tool and other critical issues
    • Answer product-specific questions from Sales and Customer Success teams via designated slack channels


    • Seen as a subject matter expert with strong working knowledge in the subject area
    • Able to solve difficult problems and improve results by leveraging data and technology
    • Focus mainly on tactical execution with some attention on strategic efforts
    • Recognize and plan work-arounds for potential obstacles from within the Engineering department and your designated squad
    • Able to work well with minimal supervision and maintain productivity independently
    • Manage day-to-day issues that arise without needing to escalate to the manager
    • Proactively identify and propose new ways to contribute to the company/team
    • Eagerness to mentor other team members to foster learning and growth
    • Accountable for own decisions and act as an informed participant in team-level decisions
    • Proactively propose ideas to improve 15Five’s culture and support others’ ideas, rather than detract
    • Contribute to an inclusive and effective environment for collaboration
    • Ensure teammates and fellow employees feel a sense of belonging
    • Understand and articulate 15Five’s position within the competitive landscape


    • 2+ years of experience with back-end web-based application development
    • 2+ years of experience with Python development, preferably with the Django framework
    • Experience writing modular, well-structured code
    • Experience analyzing, improving and debugging server-side code and modeling data and implementing those models in Django
    • Experience working in remote teams
    • Capable in the technical areas of back-end software development, including Django development, database optimization, performance optimization, code structure, asynchronous process analysis, automated test development
    • Able to work efficiently with relational databases using the Django ORM as well as other meansStrong communication skills across multiple office and remote settings, cultures, and time zones
    • Able to collaborate well with a team of designers, product managers, and business stakeholders
    • Understand strong cooperation between back-end, front-end, DevOps, and QA teams
    • Understand the cross-functionality of various technical systems
    • Produce exceptional output and work quality
    • Have a strong reputation for accountability and reliability
    • Enjoy working in a team but can thrive working independently 
    • Desire to always be learning and staying on top of the latest trends and technologies
    • Passionate about being extraordinary in both your work life and personal life
    • Deeply aligned with the Engineering team’s values and philosophy
    • Eager to grow and mature towards the senior level in the backend discipline


    • Monday: Begin the week with the all-hands Boost to hear company updates and meet new hires, join the squad stand-up, then review pull requests and write code for product features/bugs.
    • Tuesday: Determine technical details or implementation with the squad before joining the squad huddle to review top-level initiatives, then research and resolve 2 bugs and write product code.
    • Wednesday: Meet with your manager for a 1:1 followed by the company Boost for an in-depth department update, spend the rest of the day on a project from your engineering working group.
    • Thursday: Join the bi-weekly Engineering meeting ahead of global happy hour, review pull requests, write code for product features and/or bugs, and write your 15Five check-in.
    • Friday: Participate in the Question Friday Boost call, join a planning session for the upcoming spring, write product code, and then finish your week by submitting your 15Five.

Founded in 2011, 15Five equips HR leaders to play a strategic role in their company’s growth. HR leaders use 15Five to combine engagement, performance, and OKRs on one platform so they can make insightful decisions and take strategic action. Unlike other ‘command and control’ performance systems, 15Five uses the latest in people science to turn managers and employees into self-driven owners of performance and engagement. To further the impact of talent on company growth, 15Five also provides education, coaching, and community for HR leaders, managers, and employees. HR leaders at over 2,800 companies, including Credit Karma, Spotify, and Pendo, rely on 15Five’s software and services to make their talent a growth driver.

At 15Five we focus on building a diverse team that prioritizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone’s unique identity. We are proud of our thriving hybrid culture that supports a remote-first workplace balanced with distributed office hubs, and annual opportunities for all employees to connect in person. We also offer: full Medical, Dental, and Vision, employer paid Term, Short Term and Long Term Disability, paid Sick Time Off, Military Leave, Jury Duty Leave, Unlimited Vacation, flexible work arrangements, up to 16 weeks Paid Parental Leave for birth and non-birth parents, Bereavement Leave, therapy and relationship counseling, weekly Best-Self Time, monthly stipend for wellness, monthly reimbursement for phone and/or internet, Sabbatical Program accessed at 5 or 7 Years and Retirement Account Program with 4% match at 6 months employment. We also provide extensive training and development such as strengths discovery and alignment and Manager specific development opportunities.

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Reading over the role description and feeling like you don’t check every box? That’s okay; if you think you have what it takes but don’t necessarily meet all the criteria, please apply—you could be exactly who we are looking for!