Sales Development Manager

Raleigh, NC /
Revenue Organization – Sales Development /
Full Time
The Sales Development Manager is a passionate and empathetic leader who will focus on driving high-performance, strong engagement and the growth and development of our Inbound and Outbound Sales Development Representative (SDR) team. 15Five’s Sales Development Team is a critical part of our Revenue Organization. In this role, the Sales Development Manager advises and coaches a team of SDRs in collaboration with other SDR Leaders. This position's primary responsibilities will be to train and coach SDRs, achieve team-wide opportunity quotas, and communicate department and company level objectives and initiatives. This role partners closely with Marketing,  Sales, and Sales Operations to ensure accurate reporting and efficient processes.

The ideal Sales Development Manager is tactical and performance-driven. They have a deep understanding of the top of the funnel and pipeline dynamics and are able to effectively elevate the expertise of our SDRs. They are compassionate and committed to delivering customer success and delight. They excel at communication and coaching SDRs and have extensive experience in Sales Development. This individual is dedicated to a stellar customer experience, operational efficiency, and the development of an awesome team of rising star SDRs. 


    • SDR Leadership/People Management 
    • Conduct all Best-Self Management practices according to schedule: Best-Self Kickoff, Strength’s Discovery, OKR setting, weekly 15Fives, regular 1:1s, Best-Self Reviews, High Fives, etc.
    • Consistently meet Manager Expectations and Metrics
    • Develop departmental/team and individual OKRs/goals that align with team and company goals 
    • Support direct reports in setting, tracking and achievement of their individual OKRs, goals, metrics 
    • Provide regular, consistent feedback to your team to support short-term and high-impact goals and values alignment
    • Check in with your team weekly to proactively review progress, accountability, and metrics
    • Seek regular feedback from teammates and leadership 
    • Seek out ongoing learning and development opportunities to develop expertise and grow professionally and personally for you and your direct reports 
    • Evangelize and role model company values, Senior Leadership Team messaging, company policies/ guidelines, tool and process usage, and Best-Self Management practice
    • Lead call/chat review training with SDRs
    • Measure and track conversion rates
    • Nurture SDR talent to identify their Zones of Genius and prepare for internal promotion as Account Executives or other critical roles within 15Five
    • Participate in regular company and office meetings to share SDR progress, identify blockers and drive resolution
    • Understand and administer Rules of Engagement (ROEs) within the teams 

    • New SDR Hiring 
    • Participate in SDR interviews, adhering to 15Five’s standardized interview process 
    • Collaborate with other SDR Managers, VP of Sales and SDR team to select qualified, high-performing, values-aligned candidates in a fair, consistent manner
    • Onboard, train and ramp new SDRs

    • Sales Development Operations/ Process Development
    • Participate in ABM and Drift strategy planning
    • Leverage sales automation, funnel management, and prospecting tools to generate Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), forecast accurately, and meet goals
    • Identify workflow efficiency gaps and work with RevOps to improve
    • Build campaigns/playbooks, partner with Marketing and RevOps to align messaging  and enable SDRs to increase conversion rate
    • Lead optimization efforts of Sales Development workflows


    • 1+ yr previous SDR role experience 
    • Experience with Drift/Chatbot operations, execution and messaging
    • Demonstrated proactive leadership and coaching skills

    • Responsible Team Player
    • You consistently meet or exceed quota/KPIs
    • You show up on time for meetings. You watch recordings of any missed meetings in a timely fashion.
    • You follow through on all tasks related to prospect outreach
    • You are aware of, and working in pursuit of team/org wide goals
    • You complete work with integrity, upholding SLAs
    • You prioritize your SDR work first, above all other pet projects 

    • Strategic Self Starter
    • You are agile, able to thrive in fast paced environment
    • You have understanding of individual metrics you need to hit to achieve/exceed goals
    • You are highly organized in time management
    • You leverage 15Five check-ins and 1on1s for feedback and identifying wins/challenges
    • You take initiative to suggest solutions, not just identify problems

    • Pursuit of Relational Mastery
    • You are an effective communicator, with a keen attention and focus on written and spoken communication, able to relay value of 15Five to prospects
    • You consistently stay above the line, assume positive intent
    • You focus on value based outreach/communication with prospects
    • You contribute/support SDR team members and leaderships through training participation, and feedback 

    • Learning Never Sleeps
    • You are committed to continuous learning and ongoing growth and development
    • You seek out and shares feedback in messaging and cold calls
    • You utilize tools for growth and self reflection (wins/challenges,
    • You are responsible for and drive data integrity


    • Identify needs for your team and role, and build our your OKRs and your team’s OKRs for the quarter
    • Align with Sales Development Managers, learning strengths, and diving into Best-Self Management 
    • Conduct Best-Self Kickoff with all of your direct reports
    • Create an IB chat/call-review schedule, and IB stand-up
    • Oversee daily morning standups
    • Coordinate and conduct interviews with prospective new hires, including partnering with external recruiting resources (i.e. Flockjay)
    • Participate in new-hire decisions and extending offers
    • Participate in onboarding classes of New Hires, including running new hire trainings, identifying skill gaps, coaching, vetting for customer-facing readiness (test-outs)


    • All new SDR team members are fully ramped/onboarded
    • Every member of the Sales Development Team is improving through an organized training program and real-time coaching
    • The Sales Development Team is unified with high morale and engagement
    • The Sales Development Team is consistently meeting/exceeding quotas


    • Continued training and increasing effectiveness of SDR team  
    • Optimize Drift experience and workflow for Inbound SDR team 


    • Monday: Reviewing 15Five check-ins, 1:1’s, Revenue Org meetings, All-hands “boost” meetings, SDR standup meeting (meetings-heavy day) and coaching reps in real-time
    • Tuesday: leading SDR team training, coaching reps in real-time
    • Wednesday: All-hands “boost”, coaching reps in real-time
    • Thursday: NO MEETING THURSDAY - encouraging reps to drive up activity, real-time coaching
    • Friday: 1:1’s, collaborating with AE’s on cross-functional sales training, celebrating wins on all-sales standup, coaching in real-time
    • Ongoing: Interviewing prospective SDR candidates, drafting/delivering get-well plans, attending sales management meetings, attending Manager Mastermind sessions, submitting RevOps support request tickets, etc. 


    • Open to vulnerability, self-reflection, and candid feedback to grow personally and professionally
    • Curious and committed to innovation, continuous learning, and growth 
    • Self-motivated, self-responsible, and self-accountable


15Five is a people and performance platform that instantly upgrades each and every manager. It works by combining employee engagement, continuous performance management, and manager effectiveness software with education, services, and community. At the heart of our approach is Best-Self Management, an evidence-inspired strategy for cultivating world-class managers and transforming organizations by unlocking every employee’s potential. With our holistic solution, CEOs, HR leaders, and managers create highly-engaged, high-performing organizations.  

We work with over 2,000 forward-thinking companies that use our solution to bring out the best in their people, including big brand names like Credit Karma, WP Engine, Adobe, and Fitbit. 15Five is backed by Next 47, Origin Ventures, Point Nine Capital, and Matrix Partners. Its headquarters are based in San Francisco, with offices in New York and Raleigh, NC. The company is working 100% remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We’re excited to continue building out a diverse team that prioritizes inclusivity and celebrates everyone’s unique identity. To support our people, 15Five believes in flexible working arrangements, non-gendered Parental Leave, Flexible Time Off, Sick Time Off and extensive training and development including but not limited to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Best-Self Management, strengths discovery and alignment and Manager specific development opportunities. 

Research shows that while men apply for jobs when they meet an average of 60% of the criteria, womxn and other underrepresented folx tend to only apply when they check every box. So, if you think you have what it takes but don't necessarily meet every single point listed below, please apply - you could be exactly who we are looking for! 

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