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Over 70,000 businesses and millions of people use 1Password to protect their most important information. We’re a kind, curious, and customer-focused team on a mission to build the world's most-loved password manager and give people more control over their data.

Help 1Password customers, from large ops teams to small companies, integrate the service into their existing systems. The Platform Integrations team is responsible for building tools and services that allow our customers to use 1Password as part of their existing workflows and processes.

The service powers the 1Password experience across all our platforms. It enables things like automatic syncing between devices, secure sharing for Families and Business customers, full-versioned item backups, Travel Mode for securely crossing borders, and so much more!

An increasing number of businesses are using 1Password to secure workflows outside of browsers and apps. We’re looking for a developer keen on building out future integrations to support and enhance 1Password’s capabilities for businesses and power users.

What we're looking for

    • Strong programming skills with languages like TypeScript, Go, Python, C.
    • An understanding of web server and RESTful API design.
    • Familiarity with SQL Databases.
    • Familiarity with building web applications across multiple platforms.
    • Knowledge of event-driven and cloud native architectures.
    • Deployment experience with GCP, AWS, or Kubernetes.
    • Participation in the complete lifecycle of a feature implementation, including contribution to planning, development work, and overseeing its release and customer support.
    • Excitement to learn new things as you tackle new features.

What you can expect in Month 1

    • Meet your teammates, get to know them, and learn how your team works together.
    • Review the tools and platforms that 1Password uses, familiarize yourself with our development processes, and get your development environment set up.
    • Learn how customers use our tools to make 1Password part of their company’s workflows.
    • Learn the security model of 1Password and how it makes our customers more secure.
    • Take some small tasks from existing issues to production.

What you can expect in Month 3

    • Take on larger issues: These will likely be issues where the effort is higher but the solution is already laid out.
    • Develop new features and improvements for our products.
    • Develop new integrations with cloud providers and products.

What you can expect in Month 6

    • Participate in the complete lifecycle of a feature implementation, including contribution to planning, development work, and overseeing its release and customer support.
    • Help customers build custom integrations and scripts to take advantage of 1Password.
    • Ensure that code is high quality and easy to maintain by developing new testing strategies in addition to existing ones, documenting your work thoroughly, and reporting issues effectively.
"Our team is focused on giving our business customers and power users the tools they need to use 1Password to its full potential. We work across several interconnected projects to solve some very cool problems surrounding privacy, security, and automation. We use all sorts of new technologies to help our customers use 1Password successfully, and we build tools and services to help them do that."

- Connor Hicks, Platform Integrations Team Lead