Internship - Seasonal Associate

Chicago, IL
Our Seasonal Associates work closely with 270 staff to learn everything that goes into winning campaigns – from best practices for engaging and empowering communities, to the integration of digital strategy in grassroots organizing, to effective communications, training, and the power of data analytics. Seasonal Associates will dedicate their time to one or more areas of focus at the firm, including but not limited to: grassroots & digital engagement, marketing & communications, data & analytics, and business operations. This position will be based in Chicago, IL or Washington, DC. Applicants should be available to work 30-35 hours a week.

We’re looking for researchers, strong writers, and passionate people to join the team. We will interview applicants that show their personality, versatility, and attention to detail. Monthly stipends up to $2,100 are available.


    • Excellent interpersonal, writing, and organizational skills
    • The ability to be detail-oriented, multitask, meet deadlines, and think critically and creatively
    • The ability to work efficiently and learn quickly in a fast-paced environment
    • A strong desire to learn and a commitment to changing the world

At 270 Strategies, we know that each person’s experiences and skill sets are best displayed in different ways. In that spirit, our application process allows for you to apply in a nontraditional way which isn’t limited to a resume and cover letter.

In order to apply, please submit three of the following: Resume, Cover Letter, Writing Sample, or Essay Response(s). Each essay response counts as one submission out of the three you should submit.  All applications will be equally considered, however those that submit more than the three requested materials will not be read.

RESUME (Option 1 of 5)
If you believe that your resume is the best reflection of your experiences, submit it; if it‘s not, feel free to send us something else on the list.

COVER LETTER (Option 2 of 5)
Your cover letter should share information about your background and the interests, experiences, or talents.

WRITING SAMPLE (Option 3 of 5)
Submit something that gives us a sense of the quality of your work. Send us a memo summarizing research you’ve done, a powerpoint presentation that displays your approach to design, an op-ed that shows off your point of view, etc. Excerpts of essays should be no more than three pages.

ESSAYS (Options 4 & 5 of 5)

1) If you had your own podcast or TV show, what would it be about and why?

2) What have you learned in the last year about American politics and society?


We named our firm “270” for the number of electoral votes required to win the White House. The team at 270 Strategies includes key leadership from across the Obama organization – and we constantly hustle for that presidential-level work.

Our sweet spot is helping organizations engage everyday people in their work. We find people who care about the same things our clients do – whether they have common values or common goals – and help move them to action. We believe in the power of organizing, both online and offline – and we help our clients build engagement strategies that prioritize the experience of their target audience and connect with them in a meaningful way. 

270 Strategies is committed to diversity among its staff, and recognizes that its continued success requires the highest commitment to obtaining and retaining a diverse staff that provides the best quality services to clients and constituents. 270 Strategies is an equal opportunity employer and it is 270 Strategies’ policy to recruit, hire, train, promote, and administer any and all personnel actions without regard to sex, race, age, color, creed, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic identity or physical disability, or any other legally protected basis.