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Do you want to help developers and users reclaim the web?
Do you want to build the identity and information network that underpins the web beyond the cloud?
Do you want to work alongside world-class technical and product teammates to usher in the next wave of online experiences?

3Box Labs is building a more open, safe and collaborative web. After building the leading identity and data solution for Web3, we're approaching the launch of Ceramic Network. Alongside our open source developer community and great partners, we are building the new standard for digital identity and information management. We have huge and novel challenges ahead and need motivated, impact-driven, rapidly-learning teammates to join us in realizing the vision of a more trusting and connected web.

The Role
As a low level Javascript Engineer you will be responsible for pushing the limits of p2p technology within browser environments. Your work will range from optimizing crypto and networking libraries to designing user experiences around difficult usability challenges.

You will get to..

    • Optimize performance and reliability of our p2p libraries to be on par with the more centralized http-clients (🤯)
    • Reduce build sizes of our libraries to negligible enough size that it's never a blocker to other developers
    • Collaborate closely with our open source community and partner teams, (e.g., Protocol Labs/IPFS)
    • Lead and contribute to major projects like improvements of our key management system, redesign of our access control system, selective data disclosure systems
    • Constantly improve the UX and security of our identity middleware components

You'll likely thrive if you have...

    • Excellent javascript skills and engineering practices, with at least 3 years developing high quality production code
    • Willingness to dive deep into problems in unchartered territory and create practical, progressive solutions
    • Agility and flexibility in learning new tools and concepts to fit the challenge at hand
    • Experience with emerging P2P protocols (like WebRTC, WebSocket, WEbTorrent, LibP2P, etc.); interest in distributed infrastructure technologies (CRDTs, blockchains, distributed databases); familiarity with offline-first methodologies
    • Expertise to lead the team's understand of the limitations with current webtech
More About 3Box Labs
We are small and fast, incredibly curious and laser-focused, community-oriented and individually driven. We have founded tech startups, authored books on identity, won awards for outstanding products, advised F100 CEOs, and much more. We believe greatness comes from happy, interested, diverse teams. We've lived in dozens of different countries (and on a sailboat), dropped out of college, finished college, captained varsity athletic teams, attended 10-day meditation retreats, run marathons, cycled thousands of miles per year, and built houses.

We are on the East Coast and Europe, with a digital-first workflow and frequent (and awesome) team retreats.

Ceramic Network: a new protocol for verifiable information on a p2p content network.
IDX: the first cross-platform framework for generative decentralized identity.
3Box: the user and data management suite powering thousands of apps across web3.

We also contribute regularly to other open source projects, including leading distributed technologies like IPFS and Ethereum.

We are intentional about growing a culture that supports the team and each teammate, in our daily work and beyond. Some values embedded in our agile operating model:
Impact: "3Box ships" became a community motto - we deliver tangible results every month.
Intentional action: we are output focused, while being very thoughtful about how we engage, build and relate
Community, Learning, Access, Quality: we embed these in our team, community and products

We are all committed to building a more empowering web where data is secure, interactions are trustworthy, and relationships are the basis of connection rather than platform's network effects. Online experiences can be delightful and integrated without being creepy or dangerous. We are building Web 3.0 - a few peaks down the rabbithole:
Paradigm shifts for the decentralized Web
Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech
Placeholder's investment thesis

Our benefits align with our values and operating model - we want everyone to help own and drive our purpose in their own way, with compensation and benefits to match. We offer generous equity, flexible learning and travel budget, competitive salary, great healthcare, regular team retreats, travel to fascinating places and events.

We also have unlimited and flexible vacation and travel.

We are in the center of a fast-moving, early, revolutionary ecosystem and want our whole team to take part in that. We set aside funds and time for each of us to be active in the community and a leader in the movement.