Lead Blockchain Engineer

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New York, Berlin, Remote
Do you want to help build the foundations of a better web alongside a passionate, high-impact team? 3Box Labs is building the data rails for Web3, Ceramic Network. Already used by 1500 of the world's most ambitious applications, Ceramic is the building block for composable data.

You'll tackle novel challenges, work closely with incredible partners and our rapidly growing community, and help us reinvent how data is managed online.

The Role

As our first Blockchain Engineer you will lead engineering, implementation and optimization of the Ceramic protocol and contribute to the overall cryptoeconomic design of the network.

Key outcomes and responsibilities..

    • There is a live testnet of Ceramic where nodes have a cryptoeconomic incentive to participate
    • There a a new alternative implementation of Ceramic written in Rust
    • There is a solid protocol specification which enables coordination of multiple Ceramic implementations
    • The incentive layer of Ceramic is well documented and broadly understood by all core devs
    • There is a clear strategy and plan for how Ceramic goes from development → testnet → mainnet
    • The core protocol team has a good understanding of the tradeoffs made in Ceramic vs other blockchain designs
    • Work to make the software implementation of the Ceramic really sound, making proper tradeoffs between scalability, feasibility, and complexity
    • Evaluate and implement cutting edge cryptographic data structures, such as HAMTs, Verkle trees, and Merkle tree variations
    • Evaluate and implement cutting edge cryptographic primitives such as BLS signatures and ZKPs
    • Keep up to date with developments and research in the broader blockchain ecosystem
    • Write technical content about how the Ceramic blockchain works

You are likely a great candidate if you have..

    • Experience implementing an L1 blockchain
    • A deep drive to build resilient software systems
    • Knowledge of p2p database systems
    • Excellent communication and coordination skills
    • Attention to detail during design and execution - you don't let small tasks slip
The Team
We are a lean, voraciously curious team from across the globe. We have 5 years of expert remote work experience and frequent (and awesome) team retreats to spend time together. We are impact-driven, intentional about our role, communications, and actions, and intensely focused on building quality tools for our open source community. We believe a better model for managing data online can give power back to users and builders, that this model is key to a growing movement, and that our team is a critical part of making that movement successful.

We pay competitively and fairly across the globe, offer great and flexible benefits, and view everyone on our team as an owner -- both with generous equity grants and lots of agency to help set our direction. We're backed by an incredible community and the best investors in the space (USV, Placeholder, Variant, Multicoin) who have deep conviction in our mission.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We cannot succeed in our mission without it. People that identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in tech are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Learn more about 3Box Labs here.