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Do you want to build the foundations of a better web alongside a passionate, high-impact team? 3Box Labs is building the data rails for Web3, Ceramic Network. Already used by 1500 of the world's most ambitious applications, Ceramic is the building block for composable data.

You'll tackle some of the most novel challenges in decentralized tech, work closely with our rapidly growing open source community and many of the best technologists in the world, and help reinvent how data is managed online.

As a software engineer on our product team you will drive development of the main client library for Ceramic that enables a wide variety of identity and data solutions.

What success looks like

    • Ceramic has a world class SDK which emphasises Ceramic's unique features while feeling familiar to developers
    • New developers in our community easily get up to speed on how to use our tools and products, with a comprehensive understanding of how all pieces fit together
    • Community feedback is systematically incorporated into our tooling and documentation
    • Our tools and products exhibit top notch performance, security, reliability, and usability
    • You help maintain the existing tools codebases, notably keeping track of dependencies updates, development tools and test setups
    • You work with the Ceramic protocol team to provide input and feedback to protocol developments with empathy for developers using our tools and products

You'd likely be a great candidate if you have

    • Built non-trivial JavaScript/TypeScript applications, libraries, or SDKs
    • Used React or similar frameworks
    • Experience with a variety of tools in the Web ecosystem (such as Webpack, Rollup, Babel...)
    • Experience with a variety of JavaScript environments (such Node.js, browsers, React Native...)
    • Experience integrating third-party libraries/APIs
    • Previous experience working with the web3 ecosystem
    • Worked on projects with a strong focus on UX or DX
    • An ability to easily switch between different types of projects (scripts, apps, libraries, CLIs...)
    • A commitment to testing and an understanding of the importance of robust testing frameworks
    • An ability to understand and communicate effectively about tradeoffs in various designs and software architectures
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills, and a desire to work as part of a team committed to a common goal
The Team
We are a lean, voraciously curious team from across the globe. We have 4 years of expert remote work experience and frequent (and awesome) team retreats to spend time together. We are impact-driven, intentional about our role, communications and actions, and intensely focused on building quality tools for our open source community. We believe a better model for managing identity and data online can give power back to users and builders, that this model is key to a growing movement, and that our team is a critical part of making that movement successful.

We pay competitively and fairly across the globe, offer great and flexible benefits, and view everyone on our team as an owner -- both with generous equity grants and lots of agency to help set our direction.

We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. We cannot succeed in our mission without it. People that identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in tech are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Learn more about 3Box Labs here.