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🌟 Distinguished Tech Innovator:

3Pillar warmly extends an invitation for you to join an elite team of visionaries. Beyond software development, we are dedicated to engineering solutions that challenge conventional norms. Envision you: steering projects that redefine urban living, establish new media channels for enterprise companies, or drive innovation in healthcare. Your invaluable expertise will serve as the cornerstone in shaping the future direction of our endeavors. This role transcends the ordinary realms of coding; it's about orchestrating technological marvels that disrupt industries. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to lead a team that is actively shaping the tech landscape for our clients, and sets global standards along the way. 🌍πŸ”₯

Key Responsibilities:

    • Independently guide the technical direction and implementation by the whole team within defined architecture in all stages from conceptualization to deployment.
    • Evaluate trade-offs between correctness, robustness, performance, and customer impact to ensure the development of the right solution, with client success at the forefront.
    • Create and lead the team's technical documentation and repository management practices, including tasks such as creating branches, pull requests, merges, etc.
    • Collaborate with product, design, and engineering teams to provide necessary oversight of architecture and dependencies influencing product strategy and direction.
    • Contribute to code reviews, documentation, and addressing complex bug fixes with a focus on security, performance, and reliability.
    • Active leader in  the Engineering Practice community, mentoring Senior Engineers and others through Communities of Practice (CoPs) or on project teams, supporting the growth of technical capabilities.

Minimum Qualifications:

    • A minimum of 7+ years of experience/expertise in the following areas specified below*:
    • Should possess strong knowledge of Python and web application development, 
    • Authentication and API understanding experience  is a plus
    • Experience in Agile software development methodologies using Jira or Azure Dev Ops (ADO).
    • Experience of building applications in Azure or any cloud and Python frameworks is a plus.
    • Experience in creating and implementing well-tested, scalable, and performant enterprise-level systems.
    • Practice and initiative mentoring other engineers and decision-makers throughout the organization.
    • High level of English proficiency required to interact with a globally-based development team.
    • Demonstrated experience following and adapting high-level architecture to project and client needs.
    • Ability to verify/validate architecture implementations and influence overall architecture beyond the team.
    • Expertise in applying object-oriented programming, with preferred experience in languages like Python/ React.
    • High-level design proficiency following UML / C4 / ArchiMate.
    • Demonstrated initiative in mentoring other engineers and decision-makers throughout the organization.
    • Very good knowledge of architectural styles and design patterns, SOLID principles and OWASP.

Additional Experience Desired:

    • Ability to set technical strategy and direct implementation across several teams/whole product.
    • Ability to refine and clarify technical details (including definition of done) based on internal or external PO for User Stories and task assignments.
    • Ability to provide technical orchestration among the overall tasks.
    • Experience in building CI/CD pipelines.
    • Knowledge of building Cloud Native applications.
    • Experience in effectively working collaboratively among relevant information stakeholders to create and implement well-tested, scalable, secure, and performant enterprise-level systems that ultimately deliver the client’s desired business outcome.

What is it like working for 3Pillar Global?

    • Imagine a flexible work environment – whether it's the office, your home, or a blend of both. From interviews to onboarding, we embody a remote-first approach. 
    • You will be part of a global team, learning from top talent around the world and across cultures, speaking English everyday. Our global workforce enables our team to leverage global resources to accomplish our work in efficient and effective teams. 
    • We’re big on your well-being – as a company, we spend a whole trimester in our annual cycle focused on wellbeing. Whether it is taking advantage of fitness offerings, mental health plans (country-dependent), or simply leveraging generous time off, we want all of our team members operating at their best.
    • Our professional services model enables us to accelerate career growth and development opportunities - across projects, offerings, and industries.
    • We are an equal opportunity employer. It goes without saying that we live by values like Intrinsic Dignity and Open Collaboration to create cutting-edge technology AND reinforce our commitment to diversity - globally and locally. 

    • Join us and be a part of a global tech community! πŸŒπŸ’Ό  Check out our Linkedin site and Careers page to learn more about what it’s like to be part of our #oneteam!