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3Pillar Global is searching for a Senior User Experience Designer to help create outstanding digital products for our clients.

We build custom software for private-sector clients. Typically these software products a) generate revenue; b) touch our clients’ customers; and c) exist in a fairly competitive space, i.e., our clients’ customers have a range of products to choose from, so our work really needs to stand out. 
Oftentimes we research, design, and build brand new products, but some clients also engage us to rethink and redesign existing applications. 
Our clients expect us to be comfortable balancing design with business and technology perspectives, to understand how the design decisions impact these two dimensions in order to build a successful product, and to effectively collaborate in an agile or lean approach.

How We Think and Work
We are an agile shop. Most of the time our UX team works together with a 3Pillar Engineering team, operating in two-week sprints. Some principles that we live and work by are:
Build the right product: we endeavor to create products that will have the greatest business impact for our client, and offer the most value to their customers.
Excel at change: we’re skilled at changing course or shifting gears based on changes in assumptions, budget, goals, or other factors.
Minimize time to value: we strive to get a useful product to market in the shortest amount of time. Ask us just how short a time that can be.

Our Client Engagements
We work on a wide range of projects, and for a lot of us, that variety is a big part of the attraction of 3Pillar. You could be designing a B2B app, or maybe B2C. It might be for the financial industry, or media, healthcare or automotive, just to name a few of the verticals we work in.
Current and past clients include: Calvin Klein, Carfax, Common App, National Geographic, PBS, Next Day Blinds, NPR, and Parkmobile. There are others we can’t mention here but would be happy to talk about in person.
Device-wise, here too the theme is variety. We build a lot of web apps, but quite a few smartphone apps as well, often integrated with a web app.

Design Skillset
We’re looking for a designer with 6+ years of experience working on complex digital products, who has the following UX skills and abilities:
Color: You know how the color palette can affect and shape users’ perception of a product. You’re an expert at using gradients and drop shadows, background colors and whitespace. And you know how to ensure sufficient color contrast throughout your work.
Typography: You’re skilled at choosing typefaces that complement the product and brand. You’re experienced at putting together a typographic scale to ensure optimal typographic harmony. And you’re reasonably familiar with web-hosted font platforms.
Iconography: You understand how the right icon set can express the personality of the brand or product so powerfully. You may even have experience creating custom icons.
Motion and animation: You love crafting interactive behaviors that engage and delight users, and stay up to date on the latest techniques.
Pixel precision: You’re a stickler for getting everything aligned exactly right. Column and baseline grids are your bread and butter.
Design systems: You have helped create and implement design systems for previous clients.
Generating ideas: You’re good at leading the design process in a collaborative manner with cross-functional teams, gathering many ideas, and building upon each other’s ideas in an iterative way to come up with the best solutions.
Understanding users: You’re able to gain a deep understanding of user needs and goals, communicate with cross functional product teams, and apply principles of design thinking and agile to create engaging user experiences.

Teamwork and Communication Skillset
Teamwork: In some cases you might be the sole designer on an engagement, but usually you’ll be working with other designers, and almost certainly with either a product manager, an engineering team, or both. You’re adept at expressing your point of view in a professional manner, and at treating your teammates with respect.
Communication: You’re good at getting your point across, in speech and in writing, and at providing or requesting information at the right time to keep your work moving ahead.
Working with Clients: You are experienced at presenting your work, anticipating questions or concerns, explaining trade-offs, and receiving critical feedback. You have a good understanding of the broader landscape on the client side that may affect the overall design direction, and how to navigate your way through it.

Our Toolstack
We’re looking for designers who are familiar with these tools (or comparable ones):
Framer or other prototyping apps (bonus)

Next Steps
We value great product minds, consulting skills, and business knowledge over specific technical experience. If you’re interested in working in a fun environment that rewards initiative, encourages innovation, and provides opportunities for career advancement, we’d love to hear from you and have you walk us through your portfolio.