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We are looking for a talented Node Technical Lead to be part of the Product Engineering team. The candidate will drive the technical success of the project by providing directions to the technical team and suggestions to the architectural approach in order to meet the product vision implemented by a cross-functional team. The person will contribute to the team as a technical mentor and ensure that the team has the proper technical knowledge in order to be successful. In collaboration with the Engineering Manager/Technical Manager you proactively inform the client of technical risks or process issues, e.g. changing priorities during a sprint, lack of planning, and you do this in a constructive manner.

Technical Competencies

    • High expertise in NodeJS
    • Experience with popular NodeJS web frameworks (e.g. Express, Sails, Koa)
    • Experience with popular NodeJS utility libraries (e.g. Underscore/Lodash, co, async, Q)
    • Experience with unit testing (e.g. Mocha, Chai, Sinon)
    • Solid understanding of large scale architectures, scalability techniques, patterns such as MVC, data flow techniques such as Flux/unidirectional, REST APIs best practices and implementation
    • Strong database skills (relational databases, specifically Aurora PostgreSQL)
    • Experience with JavaScript promises
    • Experience with REST APIs development
    • Strong understanding of the HTTP protocol
    • AWS Serverless Lambda experience (AWS Api Gatway and Unit testing of AWS Lambda functions)
    • Experience with revision control systems (e.g. Git)
    • Supporting load and stress testing of serverless based applications
    • Experience with Websockets communications is nice to have
    • Knowing how to write Reusable Components is a major plus
    • Ability to identify steps needed to finalise stories and to persuade team members to proactively work towards closing stories
    • Proactive in solving issues
    • Experience with creating build systems and configuring the tools provided by the ecosystem (Gulp, Webpack)
    • Familiarity with Agile methodologies and processes such as code reviews, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
    • Commitment to teamwork, processes, and planning in order to ensure the success of the project and client objectives
    • The ability to complete delegated tasks on time and work in a collaborative development environment
    • Strong English language skills are mandatory

Roles & Responsibilities

    • Maintains an open, mutual and respected relationship with clients, stakeholders and team members
    • Is one of the main contributors to planning sessions, team meetings, and other “rituals,” such as the daily standup, iteration planning, iteration kickoff, iteration review, and retrospectives
    • Works proactively to understand project backlog of work for one or more sprints ahead asking for clarity of requirements and acceptance criteria where required.
    • Helps removes roadblocks to delivery success
    • Helps the other team members to follow the defined process, and contributes to process improvement efforts
    • Understands the client’s business strategy and objectives as it relates to the product being developed; taking all the actions required to meet or exceed client’s expectations
    • Communicates effectively within the team and with all stakeholders by providing high-quality visibility into planned and actual deliverables
    • Proactively communicates feedback and issues to the client and works with appropriate individuals to do so
    • Collaborates with senior team members (EM/TM) to communicate project risks to client
    • Is a model developer, with sharp coding skills and a passion for excellence
    • Leads the coding, architecture and design activities, and helps with requirements, analysis and testing as needed
    • Consistently chooses the right frameworks for the business solution
    • Is reviewing the code of the other team members, providing constructive feedback and helping to increase delivery quality
    • Able to act as an interface between multiple teams (when required)
    • Able to manage a complete toolset for streamlined development
    • Able to identify technical debt, and motivate team members to resolve it
    • Shares information on new technology that could be used on projects
    • Has deep knowledge of more than one core programming language, on both frontend and backend
    • Ensures product quality through effective monitoring of quality trends, test automation, defect tracking and root cause analysis
    • Actively guides, mentors, and motivates individuals within his team
    • Understands how various requirements impact project budget and new revenue opportunities,
    • Optimizes delivery, meet deadlines, and deliver results
    • Demonstrates unexpected value to your client
    • Understands complimentary product development capabilities and the interactions between disciplines
    • Participates in holistic discussions about the broader product development lifecycle,
    • Watches for triggering events, including changes within the organization or outside world that provide opportunities or create risks for 3Pillar
    • Proactively involved on internal or external communities of practice and encourage others to do the same
    • Participates in candidate interviews and talent management
    • Develops strong relationships with client personnel working directly on the account


    • A competitive annual salary based on experience and market demands
    • Flexi-timings
    • Medical insurance with the option to purchase a premium plan or HSA option for your entire family
    • In-house Food & Refreshments
    • Regular Health check-up camps arranged by the company
    • Recreational activities 
    • Business casual atmosphere