Senior Python Engineer

Product Development – Product Development /
Full-time /
Our team is looking for a backend developer with strong Python skills.


    • We have a lot of freedom to propose technologies, solutions and to work on cool things
    • The team is strong, with great technical and client business knowledge 
    • We have a long-lasting, healthy and real partnership with the client (14+ years)
    • Being a public media company, the client is vision-driven (and not business driven)


    • Facilitate effective communication with the stakeholders
    • Craft client code that is efficient, performant, testable, scalable, secure, and of the highest quality.
    • Proficiently gather requirements and organize/present developed features for clients.
    • Promote client success across the team by collaborating with engineers, designers, and managers to understand user pain points, anticipate potential problems, and iterate on solutions that drive client success.
    • Independently drive project delivery within defined architecture, demonstrating autonomy and accountability in all stages from conceptualization to deployment.


    • Good proficiency (3+ years) in web development, with Python specifically
    • Good understanding of Python and its core principles
    • Familiarity with RESTful APIs
    • Familiarity with Python frameworks (Django in particular)
    • Strong verbal & written skills, in English and Romanian


    • Experience with AWS
    • Experience with video technologies

What is it like working for 3Pillar Global?

    • At 3Pillar, we offer a world of opportunity:
    • Imagine a flexible work environment – whether it's the office, your home, or a blend of both. From interviews to onboarding, we embody a remote-first approach. 
    • You will be part of a global team, learning from top talent around the world and across cultures, speaking English everyday. Our global workforce enables our team to leverage global resources to accomplish our work in efficient and effective teams. 
    • We’re big on your well-being – as a company, we spend a whole trimester in our annual cycle focused on wellbeing. Whether it is taking advantage of fitness offerings, mental health plans (country-dependent), or simply leveraging generous time off, we want all of our team members operating at their best.
    • Our professional services model enables us to accelerate career growth and development opportunities - across projects, offerings, and industries.
    • We are an equal opportunity employer. It goes without saying that we live by values like Intrinsic Dignity and Open Collaboration to create cutting-edge technology AND reinforce our commitment to diversity - globally and locally. 

    • Join us and be a part of a global tech community! 🌍💼  Check out our Linkedin site and Careers page to learn more about what it’s like to be part of our #oneteam!