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We’re the startup within 3Pillar, The Studio (working title) is our new Growth and Innovation Consulting Practice. 

Our mission: To help our clients find organic and uncommon opportunities to grow in a world that is offering them more questions than answers. As with the core of our business at 3Pillar, there will be a heavy digital component but we recognize that businesses thrive when they build for every customer touchpoint.

At 3Pillar we believe that everyone possesses unique talents and perspectives that only they can contribute. We’re looking for a Business Designer who is humble, comfortable with the unknown, and excited about exploring it.

You’ll be joining a small and growing team of designers, helping teams and project sponsors bring new offerings and ventures to market for our clients. Working as part of interdisciplinary teams, you will bring your depth of knowledge and courage to design and lead experiments, capturing feedback and insights that will make our concepts better and recommendations more rigorous.

Requirements and Experience

    • Be adept at switching between creative and business mindsets.
    • Translate customer needs and problems through to the business model viability.
    • Understand the client/user/buyer business strategy, needs, cost structure, competitive landscape, and business-critical must-wins.
    • Help teams prototype and iterate new business models.
    • Assess the total addressable market and market opportunity capture potential.
    • Define new and disruptive revenue model options.
    • Ensure that each element of the business model fits the desired customer experience.
    • Build radical value exchanges and external ecosystems across the value chain.
    • Design experiments to test and de-risk critical business model assumptions.
    • Ensure the project resonates with all internal stakeholders, speaking the right languages across the teams and departments, which is essential to move it forward.
    • Partner with our Product Management team to build go-to-market experimentation roadmaps and plans for new business models
    • See projects through to the solution-fit and incubation up to market scaling phases. This tends to happen within business units or as separate organizational entities entirely.

    • Your Qualifications: 
    • Experienced in business model design, analysis, and implementation, with 5+ years of industry experience.
    • As a bonus, you have a Masters Degree in Business.
    • Passionate about or interested in identifying the digital future of incumbent businesses and helping them innovate.
    • Comfortable working in multidisciplinary teams and communicating business concepts to a variety of audiences, including partners and designers from other disciplines.
    • Excited about the opportunity to get your hands dirty in an entrepreneurial, start-up environment.

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