Speech Data Project Manager

Mountain View, United States
Full-time /
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At 42dot, we're building performance evaluation for in-service speech recognition systems and developing training/evaluation datasets for LLM module through Data Annotation tasks. The role will participate in dataset validation to prevent issues like data bias and errors, and manage performance of outsourcing companies.


    • Verification of speech data related to STT/TTS/Wake-up word detection/Voice ID/Speaker Recognition.
    • Control and management of outsourcing agencies primarily responsible for speech data labeling.


    • Over 3 years or equivalent experience in voice signal-related roles.
    • Experience in various audio signal-related tasks, including speech data verification, labeling, and other audio-related tasks.
    • Strong experience in collecting, validating speech data and managing outsourcing agencies for voice signal tasks.
    • Korean language proficiency in professional research or work.


    • Proven track record in quality control and management of audio data labeling projects.
    • Strong understanding of STT/TTS/Wake up word detection/Voice ID/Speaker Recognition technologies.
    • Familiarity with industry-standard tools and techniques for audio data processing and analysis.

Recruiting Process

    • Application Screening - Coding Test - First Interview - Second Interview - Offer Negotiation - Final Acceptance
    • The recruitment process may differ based on the specific role and may be subject to changes depending on schedules and circumstances.
    • Applicants will be notified of the application schedule and results individually via the email address provided in their application.
Please refer to the videos from KCCV 2022 and UMOS Day 2021 for insights into 42dot Autonomous Driving, our autonomous driving AI software.
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