Video Production Intern

Alexandria, VA
About 522

We create custom corporate videos for the Internet. Behind every pixel is an incredibly talented, highly motivated team working to turn our collective vision into reality. We’re not waiting for our big break in Hollywood. We’re video producers, project managers, and business developers who live for the challenge of designing incredible video content for the Internet. We come to work each day with a few simple goals: to be authentic, capture the truth, and focus on what matters to our audience.

Our mission is simple: to rid the world of cheesy corporate videos. It’s a tall task, and our work is far from done.

About You

You're an aspiring filmmaker, producer, and video editor who's ready to learn the ropes at one of the DC-area's top video production companies. Over the past few years, you've developed a portfolio of marketing, journalism, or documentary video that demonstrates your eye for a great story and commitment to high-quality cinematics. Now, you're ready to put your skills to work in a creative industry.

You're looking to join a team of skilled creatives where you can contribute across every phase of the production process–concepts, scripts, props, shooting, editing, color correction, captioning, and delivery. You're a problem solver, a meticulous organizer, and a skilled communicator who understands that success in this industry requires hard, often unglamorous, work. Most importantly, you're a curious, upbeat, and dependable team member who thrives in a high-pressure environment.

About Our Video Production Internship

If you're looking for a busy-working, paper-pushing, sitting-around-and-waiting-type internship, this isn't the place for you. Our video production internship is a 6-month bootcamp in the process we use to create incredible videos for the Internet. Throughout their internship, video production interns work directly with a dedicated 522 creative director, getting hands-on experience with real 522 clients.

For us, the most important part of an internship is the opportunity to build a portfolio that's ready for the job market. That’s why each video production intern directs a video that helps a local nonprofit accomplish its mission. Our interns develop the pro-bono piece from pitch to premiere, while 522 provides the equipment and expert guidance of our creative directors and project managers.

The internship runs about 6 months– June 3rd through December 13th. Interns receive a stipend of $100 per work day and are expected to work approximately 40 hours per week. Long days on set and travel shoots are par for the course. Interns must be able to commute to our Alexandria, VA office for the duration of the internship, so we expect the program is best suited to recent graduates.

Applications are due by April 19th, 2019 and must include a link to a portfolio of recent and relevant videos. Applications without a portfolio will not be considered.

Within 1 month, you will:

    • Meet the 522 team and understand the mission and core values that drive us.
    • Work with your dedicated 522 creative director to develop training goals and learn the basic steps of our production process.
    • Haul equipment, organize props, manage cables, and more as a production assistant on set.
    • Learn how we organize files and projects throughout post-production; assistant edit projects in Adobe Premiere.
    • Pitch a concept to a local nonprofit for a video you'll direct.

Within 3 months, you will:

    • Participate in team concepting sessions for 522 clients.
    • Source props, voiceover, on-camera talent, and shoot locations.
    • Develop dailies, stringouts, and captions.
    • Begin shooting the video you're directing for a local nonprofit.

Within 6 months, you will:

    • Develop scripts and prepare interview questions.
    • Develop client-ready rough, fine, and final cuts in Adobe Premiere.
    • Provide constructive feedback to other video editors during the internal review process.
    • Premiere the video that you directed for a local nonprofit

What's Next?

Bringing the right people onto our team is one of our most important responsibilities. Our interview process, particularly for full-time work, may consist of multiple rounds of phone, video, and in-person interviews. We take our time to make sure the process is done right. We'll do our best to respond to each applicant, but please know that we appreciate your interest even if a position with us isn't an immediate fit.

At 522 Productions, we're made stronger by working with people with a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives. We're an equal opportunity employer and we're committed to providing reasonable accommodations to any applicant or employee with a disability.