Lead Game Designer

Hong Kong /
Full time
Our client offers the most advanced virtual reality experience in the world. Inside their VR rooms they take you on thrilling adventures and transform you into new characters. Since they launched in Hong Kong in 2017, they’re now live in 12 locations and 4 countries around the world and they are quickly expanding.

They are now looking for experienced Lead Game Designer. This is a full time position based in Hong Kong (remote start is possible).
As a Principal Designer you’ll be responsible for using your strong design background, superb creative taste, and incredible attention to detail to ensure each moment of our VR experiences is of the highest quality. This role gives you many avenues with which to express your creativity and skills. With our Client you will have the chance to innovate,
invent new VR gameplay mechanics, write compelling narratives, and build memorable worlds that their guests will talk about for days and days after their visit.

Game Design – You’ll work closely with the Creative Director to plan out each moment of their VR Experiences and lend your design skills to solving difficult design problems. You’ll invent fun and highly intuitive gameplay mechanics which their guests can learn quickly and enjoy. You will use your expertly-tuned design sensibilities to adjust balance and pacing of each experience as needed. At the end of the day, you know what ‘good’ looks like, and you’ll strive to ensure each experience meets your own high professional standards.

Narrative & Writing – You will use your creativity to develop interesting characters and narratives for their VR experiences. You’ll have a chance to innovate in the narrative space and develop the best ways to tell stories within VR. You will use your writing skills to create memorable and interesting dialogue which is not overly verbose or self-indulgent.

Level Design – You will also use your background in level design to create exciting and compelling level designs for each location within our experiences. You will use tools to implement your whitebox designs into each game. You will work to thoroughly test and iterate upon your whitebox designs before they go into the art production pipeline. Finally, you’ll work with the environment art team during each step of the process and collaborate to ensure each location is visually engaging and thrilling for gameplay.


    • Versatile Design Background – You have multiple shipped titles which you were a Senior or Lead Designer on, including at least one VR title which is either a high-quality indie VR game or a AAA VR game. You have at least 5+ years of experience in designing games. During your career your responsibilities should have included a variety of level design, game design, mission design, and writing responsibilities.
    • Communication – You are a superb communicator and understand how to keep stakeholders informed when decisions affect other departments. You are extremely clear when communicating your ideas and designs to fellow team members so that everyone understands the design intent and the tasks they need to do to achieve a great result. Finally, you are also good at pitching your ideas and are very open to constructive criticism and feedback.
    • Prototyping – You work well with programmers and artists in order to create strong prototypes that prove design ideas so that features can enter production with confidence.
    • Documentation – You can create strong design documentation, including both detailed written documentation and compelling visual documentation (depending on your audience).
    • Analytical Skills – You have a strong understanding of how to interpret player data and make informed design decisions about how to improve projects post-release. You have experience balancing games.
    • Technically Proficient – You’ve used numerous proprietary and third-party tools during your career including: Unity, Unreal Editor, or equivalent. You are comfortable with visual scripting tools and ideally you can script using C#.
    • Combat Design Experience – You have been the primary combat designer for at least one title in your experience.
    • You play screen-based games and VR games... A lot. – You constantly keep yourself up to date by playing some of the world’s best screen-based and VR games. As you play games, you constantly evaluate them and think about why certain design decisions were made and how tweaking these decisions could affect the user experience.


    • You have a strong personal interest in VR technology. You understand trends in VR and monitor developments of VR hardware and accessories. If you have given talks at games/VR industry shows or written articles about your craft, this is a great way you can demonstrate your understanding to us.
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