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AI is the new electricity. Millions of AI engineers will be required to transform industries with artificial intelligence and we’re building the education platform to train them. deeplearning.ai wants to provide a world-class education to people around the globe so that we can all benefit from an AI-powered future. 

We are currently seeking a talented UI/UX Designer who shares our vision and passion for improving the learning experience. In this role, you will play a pivotal part in crafting and delivering exceptional user interfaces and experiences to support the technical content provided by deeplearning.ai. As our team expands rapidly, we are eager to welcome a skilled designer to contribute to the development of our educational products. You will collaborate closely with our team of creative content creators and developers to shape the online education platform.

This is a full-time position based in Taipei

Here’s what you’ll do:

    • Collaborate with our engineering, marketing, and content teams to design user-centric, high-quality interfaces that enhance the learning experiences of our community.
    • Create visually appealing, intuitive, and responsive Figma designs that align with our commitment to providing exceptional educational content.
    • Work closely with internal teams, external partners, and content creators to contribute to the creation of the infrastructure for our globally recognized AI-driven education.

Here are the skills you should have:

    • A passion for designing interfaces that improve the learners’ educational journey.
    • A portfolio showcasing your experience in UI/UX design.
    • Proficiency in design tools and software such as Figma for creating engaging and visually pleasing designs.
    • Strong ability to transform concepts into practical, user-friendly designs.
    • Familiarity with modern design trends, prototyping, and wireframing tools.
    • Knowledge of mobile and web responsive design best practices.
    • Excellent communication skills in both Mandarin and English to collaborate effectively with diverse teams.

By working with us you will

    • Be a part of a world-class technical team working alongside with offices in different parts of the world
    • Have the opportunity to consolidate a quickly growing startup
    • Have access to state of the art infrastructure and technology
    • Have a competitive salary in a well-funded high-growth company. 

We hope you will fit well with our team’s culture:

    • Strong work ethic: All of us believe in our work’s ability to change human lives. Consequently  we work not just smart, but also hard
    • Growth mindset: We are eager to teach you new skills and invest in your continual development. But learning is hard work, so this is something we hope you’ll want to do
    • Good team member: We care and watch out for each other. We’re humble individually, and go after big goals together
    • Flexibility: You should be flexible in your tasks and do whatever is needed, ranging from lower-level tasks such as coordinating complicated schedules, to high-level work such as thinking through corporate strategy