Software Engineer

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Engineering – Software Engineering /

What You'll Bring

    • Initiative to find answers to complex questions;
    • Have a solid understanding and cognition of the computer science and engineering knowledge that has been learned;
    • Love computer science and software engineering, and have great enthusiasm for deep drilling technology and engineering problems;
    • Have hands-on experience in computer programming languages, and are used to solving problems in a program automation way;
    • The power and ability of self-learning and evolution, can support you to face challenges continuously and not fall into a rut;
    • Not bound by the work and tasks in front of you, you can achieve your goals independently and create new possibilities according to your own interests;
    • Solid reading and writing skills in both Chinese and English;
    • Able to adapt to asynchronous telecommuting, with strong self-driving force;
    • Have a hobby for more than 3 years and have been sticking to it;

What You'll Get

    • Learn international standard engineering development practices and workflows;
    • Accumulate experience in international cutting-edge programming languages, technology stacks, and development ecosystems;
    • Participate in the most cutting-edge technology research and development in the industry;
    • Experienced engineers and cryptography masters will show you the charm of software engineering and computer science;
    • Opportunities to communicate and learn directly with famous professors in the global cryptography field and international frontier blockchain project technical teams;
    • Accumulate project management experience;
    • Experience in building open-source projects;
    • Build camaraderie with talents from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and world-class universities;
We are a team of future-minded thinkers, researchers, engineers, and Web 3.0 enthusiasts working to create an open and equal decentralized world.

Working with us:
• Fast moving, challenging, and feel empowered
• Flat organization with a young and innovative culture
• A growing company with highly talented individuals
• Competitive salary and flexible Paid Time Off
• Work remotely with flexible working conditions and hours

Join us if you like what you see!