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Academy was founded in 2017 on the principle that we could bring modern-day product design principles, paired with a foundation in UX and Design Thinking, into organizations and transform their products, services, and strategies to build a better world around us.

We make complex problems seem simple. Specializing in UX, our agency team, staffing, and recruiting services help scale product design organizations and craft digital products providing Design, Research, Product Strategy, and Product Management resources. We meet our clients wherever they are, whether they are looking for a team to handle a project for them, need an extra resource to augment their team, or simply want to build a team from scratch. We work with them side-by-side to get them to their next milestone.

Thank you for considering Academy's Talent Network

This general application is your gateway to a range of opportunities in digital experience roles. We're not just another staffing & recruiting agency; we're committed to repairing the relationship between talent and recruiters.

This application is good for talent interested in both freelance & full-time employment opportunities with Academy's clients. Academy has exclusive relationships with it's clients and have been contracted work on each role we help promote. So rest assured you will not be hearing from any other recruiters outside of the hiring team at Academy or our clients. We meet with our clients on the weekly basis to discuss talent and work as a guide for our talent throughout the process.

At Academy, we strive to ensure we get back to each and every candidate with clear and actionable feedback. At the moment we are prioritizing application for active roles.

Feedback Tailored to Your Journey:

While we strive to provide comprehensive feedback to all candidates, the depth of our feedback is tailored to the stage you reach in our application process. Here's what you can expect:

Early-Stage Applicants: 
If you apply without a portfolio or with work that doesn't meet our evaluation criteria, or don't have the requisite work experience we'll direct you to relevant articles to help you improve.

Mid-Stage Applicants: 
For those with adequate work and experience that falls short in other areas like "i.e visual design ability, storytelling, or organization, lack of specific work experience like B2C, SaaS, 0-1" we'll provide articles along with written feedback to guide your improvement.

Advanced-Stage Applicants: 
Candidates who meet our evaluation criteria and proceed to the interview stage will receive a combination of verbal, written, and article-based feedback for a well-rounded evaluation.

Our Commitments:

We're changing the narrative around ghosting candidates. Expect transparent, timely (we do our best but we services thousands of applicants per year so please be patient), and respectful communication at every step.

Industry Expertise: 
Our team of industry experts understands the nuances of the UX field, bridging the trust gap often seen in traditional recruitment.

Expert Feedback: 
Career guidance is a standard, not a privilege. Receive constructive feedback to enhance your skills and candidacy.

Human Approach: 
We prioritize the candidate experience, investing time to understand your unique skills and align them with suitable opportunities.

Why Choose Academy?

Flexible Career Options: 
From full-time roles to contract gigs, we offer a variety of paths tailored to your needs.

Compensation That Counts: 
Fair pay based on industry benchmarks, with assistance in salary negotiations for full-time roles.

Employee Benefits: 
Contractors become temporary W2 employees, eligible for benefits like sick leave, workers' compensation, and unemployment insurance. Those applying to full-time employee roles will of course receive the benefits of the company they get hired at.

Application Process:

1. Initial Review: Emphasis on evaluation criteria.

2. Recruiter Interview: Successful candidates meet our recruiting team.

3. Case Study: Presentation to the Academy hiring manager.

4. Opportunity Alignment: Matching your skills with available roles.

5. Client Interview: Introduction to our client's hiring manager.

6. Onboarding: Finalize your role, either with Academy or our client.

By applying, you're taking the first step in a journey that respects your skills and career aspirations. We look forward to evaluating your application and discussing the multitude of opportunities available through Academy.

Roles We're Seeking:

Product Designer
Sr. Product Designer
Principal Product Designer
Lead Product Designer
Staff Product Designer
Product Design Manager
Director of Product Design
UI Designer
Sr. UI Designer
Design Director
Web Designer
Sr. UX Designer
Director of User Experience
UX Writer
Sr. UX Writer
Webflow Designer
UX Researcher
Sr. UX Researcher
Director of UX Research
Design Researcher
UX Architect
AR/VR Designer
Sr. Strategist
Director of Strategy
Product Manager
Sr. Product Manager
Executive Producer
Digital Producer
Interaction Designer
Design Operations Manager
Design Operations Director
Program Manager
Program Director
Service Designer
Sr. Service Designer
Experience Director
Motion Designer
Prompt Engineer
Prompt Designer

Academy is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.