Data System Wrangler (Flexible with Remote Work)

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At Adyton our team of daring professionals is empowering skilled workers everywhere with great mobile software that goes where they do, helps them work more effectively, and enables them to accomplish their mission safely. Our users rescue people from the ocean, protect people, and deliver humanitarian assistance. They need great mobile software. We build it.

Our team first culture empowers us as we tackle this audacious vision, and we are looking for other hard working team players who want to do important things well. Egos need not apply.

We’re looking for an ambitious & curious data analyst to join our team to help stitch together information systems, analyze data and collaborate across the business to form insights and recommendations whether it is outreach opportunities, social media optimization, engineering optimization or ideas to provide a better customer support experience to name but a few.

What You'll Do

    • Become an expert in Palantir Foundry, integrating data from databases and API sources, preparing analysis in Jupyter notebooks, building dashboards and creating low code applications to help the team make sense of our business information and get things done more effectively
    • Collaborate with teams across the business to identify & map out information systems, data streams, analytical requirements and reporting workflows
    • Identify and implement automated data processing and reporting to streamline operations
    • Plan, prioritize, and maintain a road map for internal business system and analytics integration
    • Document and make recommendations for effectiveness, efficiency and optimization across all facets of the business
    • Support teammates connecting systems together with integrations and interoperability tools like Zapier and Stackstorm

Who You Are

    • You have 2+ years of experience manipulating data using Python or Spark in Jupyter notebooks or other data processing tools in professional or academic environments
    • You enjoy developing scripts against APIs to pull data together, process it in frameworks like Pandas and store it in databases, flat files and web services, and get satisfaction from creating order in your data
    • You speak intermediate SQL as a second language
    • You see APIs and webhooks as opportunities that are waiting to be explored
    • You dream about writing scripts any time you have to do something twice
    • You enjoy working in fast paced teams and are motivated by the impact your software creates for your users

The Logistics: Location

    • At present, all roles are remote
    • Like many companies, our team is adapting to the new normal
    • We have been fully remote since our founding, but through the experience of 2020 have learned that the team increasingly values time together
    • We routinely gather for sprints, team retreats and at customer sites, and are exploring co-working, hybrid work and location hubs

The Logistics: Travel

    • As a hybrid friendly team we are focused on helping our teammates to be happy, healthy and productive
    • We recognize that everyone has different circumstances that vary over time and adapt travel expectations accordingly.
    • We conduct week long meetups 2 times per year in the United States and internationally
    • We support periodic travel (4-5 days per quarter) to collocate and collaborate tightly with coworkers on an ad-hoc basis as you and your team see fit
    • BD and customer facing roles can expect periods of 25-50% customer site travel (3-4 days every two weeks) on a regular basis

What We Offer

    • Comp: We offer competitive compensation packages including equity, salary and benefits
    • Flexibility: We are a fully remote team with options for ad-hoc travel to colocate and collaborate with coworkers
    • PTO and Parental Leave: We know that "unlimited time off" policies often have the opposite effect, so we have developed generous PTO and parental leave policies
    • Professional Development: In line with our core value of continuous growth, we provide access to learning resources, courses, certifications, and other professional development opportunities
If you don't think you meet all of the criteria above but still are interested in the job, please apply. Nobody checks every box; we're looking for teammates who are adaptable, love learning, and are excited to join the team.

We are humbled that you are considering joining our team of daring professionals.


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