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Seeking Strong PHP Developer
US/Canada Only
Full-Time, Remote Backend Software Developer
Company HQ: Las Vegas, NV

About Us 
American Estate and Trust is a self-funded, profitable financial company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Core to our products are our APIs which power our web applications as well as B2B customers who use our APIs to create their own products. We are building tools to empower people to better invest in alternative assets.
What we're looking for
We are looking for a strong PHP developer to play a key role in expanding our API's capabilities. The person will be working on all aspects of backend development - from DB schema design to API implementation. Our ideal candidate will be proficient in API and Database design and familiar with modern programming standards. Knowledge of Laravel is a plus. While this is a fully remote position, US or Canadian residency is required.

Ideal Experiences

    • You enjoy working with people both as an individual contributor and in small teams. People enjoy working with you and you energize those around you.
    •  You seek out and enjoy critical feedback to further develop your own skills. You can sense when to ask for help and know how to ask for feedback.
    •  You have a deep sense of ownership in what you create and support. You have the ability to zoom-out and think holistically about how to improve the overall systems you are working with.
    •  You have experience as a team lead or have mentored other software developers.
    •  You are comfortable with the full range of backend software development. You have designed and optimized DB schema. You understand different load balancing techniques.
    •  You have instrumented your applications for observability and monitored your applications performance. You have experience troubleshooting performance at each layer of the stack.
    •  You specialize in building APIs for ­­others to consume. You've written API definitions and documentation using a specification like OpenAPI.
    •  You have experimented with SDLC workflows. You have opinions about how to optimize git workflows for teams. You are opinionated about your local workflow.
    •  You have experience with several testing frameworks. You have written different kinds of tests (unit, integration, regression, etc) and understand their strengths and weaknesses.
    •  Security of the application is not an afterthought. You have worked with different authentication and authorization protocols. You take an adversarial mindset to the business logic you are implementing.

Our Culture

    • Great products are made by people who care.
    • Think about what "done" is upfront. Pull your work all the way over the finish line.
    •  Be personally transparent. Don't accumulate negative emotions. Share it with others in constructive ways.
    •  Leave things better than you found them.
    •  Prototype before polishing. Get it working before you optimize it.
    •  Never miss an opportunity to articulate your mental model. Always take the opportunity to validate your mental models with others.
    •  Seek to spend the majority of your time on things that impact the ability of our customers to successfully use our products.
    •  Constantly challenge yourself and those around you.
    •  Keep learning. Explore new domains. Gain new skills.
    •  Help others grow. Invite others to learn with you.

Why work with us?

    • We are a remote and international team.
    •  The development team is full of amazing talent and fun people to work with.
    •  You will always have someone in the team supporting you if you have questions or need some brainstorming time.
    •  Always looking for team members who are competent, up for a challenge and are interested in working for a financial company.
    •  Working at AET you will feel more like a startup than a rigid old school company.
    •  Healthy balance between a professional and relaxed atmosphere.
    •  Experience unique challenges in the financial space such as security, auditing, compliance and regulation.
    •  Bring much needed innovation to a slow changing industry.
    •  Be part of team that values everyone's input.