Machine Learning Engineer

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Anlatan is a company working on cutting edge AI and making the best possible AI-fueled products. We pride ourselves on being user-friendly, privacy-safe, and censorship-free. We're a ragtag team of personalities, focused on crafting the best of the best in the AI world.

We are seeking a skilled Machine Learning Engineer to join our team. In Anlatan, you will be developing code and model architectures to train cutting edge LLMs and Image models in our compute cluster.


    • Working with our distributed training stack to start training runs and tracking them closely.
    • Contributing to our ML codebases and adding new models, algorithms and features.
    • Experimenting with new model architectures and designs, and getting them production ready.
    • Training and finetuning models, and adapting them to our products by taking tester feedback and iterating over the trained models.


    • Experience with pytorch, python
    • Past experience with training NLP or Image models.
    • Able to read cutting edge ML papers, implement them in pytorch and accurately reproduce.
    • Strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals, including algorithms and data structures.
    • Machine learning fundamentals
    • Good problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

Bonus Points

    • Knowledge in Kubernetes and SLURM
    • Distributed computing knowledge to contribute to our distributed ML training stack.
    • Experience with JAX
    • Experience with Triton
Why work for us?
We're working fast to send ripples through the ever-moving field of AI, we offer a competitive salary package, and of course, we're all pretty fun to work with.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits, including:
- A casual and flexible work environment
- A culture focused on pushing the envelope and having fun while doing it
- Incredibly flexible PTO

For US Citizens
- Health Insurance
- Vision and Dental Insurance
- Life Insurance and Disability
- 401k (3% Match 100%, 2% Match 50%)

For non-US Citizens
- Health Insurance
- Vision and Dental Insurance

Beyond all else, our members are encouraged to:

1. Explore and Experiment
Unless we’re completely focused on getting a specific feature done, feel free to try something new out! Every idea brought to the table is appreciated and discussed.

2. Work Stress-free
We’re here to push boundaries in the AI consumer world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun along the way. Our entire team emerged from the internet, so we’re a long ways from professional.

3. Ask For Help
No one is all-knowing. Sometimes all you need a little poke in the right direction to get something done. Never be afraid to reach out if it means getting your problem solved sooner rather than later.

4. Interact with the Community
Our community is what keeps us going, and we try to recognize that every single day. A primary goal of ours is to stay connected, and we pursue that by keeping in touch with our users through multiple different mediums.