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About Anovium

Anovium is a product-focused digital innovation agency and consultancy. We empower companies to innovate and harness technology. Anovium is a sister organization of a venture studio, which builds out ideas into high-growth companies. This provides unique exposure to the agency in emerging markets. Our collective mission is to empower people with technology today to solve the problems of tomorrow.

We are innovators, tinkerers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and problem-solvers. Our team is constantly iterating to improve solutions and ultimately the human experience.

» Our Culture

At Anovium, we improve ourselves while using technology to improve the world around us.

We work with fun, talented people who embrace individuality, diversity, and inclusion.

We champion intuitive experiences, elegance, and automation. We believe collaboration and constant human feedback is critical to unlocking value and long-term success. We challenge what we know and how we view problems.

» Who We Hire

We hire talented creators and doers who are aligned with our goal: Improve Tomorrow, Today™

As a part of the Anovium team, you should have a vision for the future and an irrepressible desire to make it reality.

You should strive to deliver products that meaningfully improve the lives of others. And you should constantly be learning to improve yourself.

All Anovium employees are skilled in taking calculated risks and pushing the envelope as well as swiftly pivoting and iterating when faced with failure.

TL/DR: You're in charge of guiding successful deliveries of projects and owning high level communications with clients, business partners, and the delivery team. 

Opportunity: Play an important role by managing delivery teams in staying on task and meeting timelines for projects. Manage progress and status communications with stakeholders/clients. You’ll be the fluid interface between the bird’s eye view and the nitty gritty. You’re in charge of unity and collaboration by instituting operational excellence. You'll lead sprints while balancing immediate and long-term visions. 

Functionally, you will coordinate meetings, bring in technical experts when needed, and effectively communicate with stakeholders. This includes being involved in the discovery process to uncover needs, wants, and problems; managing client expectations and ensuring the delivery of solutions; and encouraging a collaborative work environment for a diverse cast of team members to prevent knowledge silos and the loss of information. If and when problems arise, you will encourage the team and clients to weigh different approaches and methods before rushing to apply bandages.

What You'll Do

    • Orchestrate Delivery. You’ll be taking ownership of deliveries in alignment with product goals and customer satisfaction.  
    • Direct Communications. You’ll coordinate across the team, stakeholders, and clients regarding active work, priorities, backlog, blockers, and risks. 
    • Plan & Prioritize. You'll work with stakeholders and developers to continuously prioritize and plan work, balancing urgency with importance. You’ll facilitate sprint planning, leading teams to dig into the whats, whys, and hows. Sprints often operate at 1-2 week intervals; however, strategic goals and visions span longer cycles. 
    • Define the Scope. You'll ensure that projects go through a proper discovery process. You will see and map out the forest and the trees, translating the unearthed project ideals into defined goals and requirements. 
    • Be the Task Keeper. You'll do what it takes to support and facilitate projects to keep them on task. 
    • Monitor and Track. You'll leverage reporting tools such as OKRs to track and relay progress. 
    • Make an Impact. You’ll be working with small teams. Your actions, decisions, and communication will have a large and direct impact on the shaping of deliverables, Anovium itself, and the business future of our clients.

Who You Are

    • Adaptable and Dynamic. You are able to manage different projects and people, shifting priorities as new information and situations arise. 
    • An Expert in Group Dynamics. Diversity is a strength, as long as it's recognized. You can reach people from different schools of thought and work styles and get them on the same page. 
    • Organized. Very Organized. You’re that person who everyone says is always on the ball, and you're able to leverage modern toolsets to ensure it. 
    • Analytical and quantitative. You have the patience to understand technical challenges and motivation to keep up with current industry trends and pitfalls to better understand risk/reward scenarios. This allows you to make timely decisions and recommendations.  
    • Emotionally Intelligent. Your EQ is high and your interpersonal skills are strong. 
    • A Creator of Value. You’re obsessed with the creation and delivery of value. 
    • Successful in Fast-Paced Environments. Anovium has an environment of high iteration. At times, this can cause uncertainty. You aren’t held back by the fear of being wrong or making a mistake, and you are comfortable managing team members operating with the same freedom to make mistakes and learn. 
    • A Strong Leader. You’re passionate. You take pride in your ability to empathetically lead teams to a shared goal. You forge alignment among stakeholders and teams through common reason and firm decision-making.  
    • Candid but Respectful. You are capable of helping others confront uncomfortable truths. You admit mistakes and openly disagree while explaining why.
» How We Support Our Team

Remote First
We trust you to take care of your responsibilities wherever, whenever.

We strive to make working on our team a top experience. That being said, working in startup environments is not for the faint of heart. Those who need to be told what to do will not do well here, but those with an entrepreneurial spirit will thrive. Your integration into the team is important to us.

Commitment to Personal Growth and Exploration
We invest in your development and operate in an environment that fosters growth and exploration.

We’re a Team
We champion teams that are excellent at communication and collaboration. Your integration into the team is important to us.

» Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

Anovium is proud to be an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. We do not discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, transgender status, sexual stereotypes, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.