Climate Hacker (Full Stack)

New York City or Remote /
Technology – Application Development Teams /
Full Time
Arbol seeks a full stack developer for building standalone tools and apps as part of the dClimate ecosystem.

dClimate’s mandate is to grow the climate data space, and a big part of that is creating open source tools for climate data. Things like visualizers, query tools, domain specific applications (see, and tools for use by data scientists. Most or all of the code you write will be open source. You will be working closely with business development and data science folks essentially “hacking on ideas.” Someone says “hey, this might be cool,” you build a quick version, it gets iterated on, etc. The vast majority of these tools will be small web apps, or PyPI packages. The hacking may occasionally bleed into native mobile app territory, but you wouldn’t be expected to implement these yourself.

dClimate seeks candidates with:

    • 5+ years hacking on random web apps
    • Strong Python skills
    • React experience
    • Pandas experience
    • A passion for open source
    • An interest in climate data and blockchain
Arbol is a financial services company that helps business entities protect against climate risk. Our mandate is to modernize and grow the climate and weather risk spaces in all directions. Climate data, advanced climate modeling and pricing, blockchain, and open source/community projects are how we use technology to cater to risk-exposed entities in agriculture, energy, and other sectors.

We are based in NYC, but about 70% of the company is fully remote. We offer very good health plans fully covered by the company, as well as stock options. Our salary bands are as follows.

Team Member: $120k-$140k
Team Lead: $150k-$180k
Technical Director: $170k-$200k