Board And Subsidiary Management Manager

Board Sectaries – Board Affairs /
Full-Time /
To manage, execute, and oversee all Board and Subsidiary Secretarial Affairs activities for ASFAR and its subsidiaries in an effective manner including coordinating board and committee meetings and providing support to the board, committees (Audit and NRC) and sub-committees of ASFAR and its subsidiaries


Board Governance and Support: 
Coordinate and facilitate board and committee meetings, including agenda preparation, meeting logistics, and documentation. Prepare and distribute meeting materials, ensuring accuracy and timely delivery. Attend board meetings, record minutes, and maintain an accurate record of discussions and actions. Assist in the development and implementation of board governance policies and procedures. Stay updated on corporate governance best practices and regulatory requirements. 
Subsidiary Governance and Oversight: 
Provide governance support to subsidiary entities, ensuring compliance with corporate governance guidelines. Coordinate subsidiary board meetings, including agenda preparation, logistics, and documentation. Assist in the establishment and maintenance of subsidiary governance frameworks, charters, and policies. Monitor and track subsidiary performance and compliance with board directives. 
Corporate Secretarial Functions: 
Maintain corporate records and statutory registers, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Prepare and file corporate filings, including annual reports, minutes, and resolutions. Assist in the maintenance and updating of corporate policies, bylaws, and charters. Coordinate with legal counsel to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. 
Communication and Relationship Management: 
Serve as a central point of contact for board members, executive management, and subsidiary entities. Facilitate effective communication between the board, management, and subsidiary boards. Develop and maintain strong relationships with board members, providing support and addressing queries. Coordinate and communicate board decisions and resolutions to relevant stakeholders. 
Governance Best Practices: 
Monitor and stay updated on corporate governance best practices, trends, and regulatory changes. Provide recommendations for improving governance processes, policies, and procedures. Conduct benchmarking exercises to compare the organization's governance practices with industry standards. Assist in the implementation of governance-related initiatives and projects. 
Compliance and Legal Support: 
Assist in ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and corporate governance codes. Support the organization's compliance with regulatory requirements, including disclosures and filings. Collaborate with legal counsel to address legal and compliance matters related to governance. Stay updated on legal and regulatory changes impacting corporate governance. 
Record-Keeping and Document Management: 
Maintain an accurate and organized record-keeping system for board and subsidiary documents. Ensure confidentiality and security of sensitive board and governance-related information. Implement and maintain digital document management systems for easy retrieval and access. 

- Bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, law, or a related field. Additional certifications such as Chartered Secretary (ACIS/FCIS) or equivalent are advantageous. 
- Previous experience (5-8 years) in corporate governance, board support, or legal secretarial roles within the investment industry or a similar sector. 
- Solid knowledge of corporate governance principles, practices, and regulatory requirements. 
- Familiarity with subsidiary governance frameworks and best practices. 
- Strong understanding of board processes, including meeting management, minute-taking, and board reporting. 
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills ( Arabic & English), with the ability to communicate effectively with board members and stakeholders. 
- Attention to detail and accuracy in managing board and governance-related documentation. 
- Proficient in using board portal software and document management systems. 
- Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.