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Job description

As a marketing of the software test automation platform powered by AI "Autify", you will be responsible for planning, executing, and managing overall process centered on the expansion of the software test automation market, especially acquiring new leads, training them and building relationships with stakeholders within the budget given.

Mainly online and offline measures, plan, execute, and manage the operation of measures for the purpose of acquiring and developing new leads, improving LTV for existing users.
 - Attract customers at exhibitions and seminars, and plan and implement developer meetups and study sessions
 - Website renovation (improvement of own site including SEO measures, SNS operation, paid advertisement operation such as listing, display, video, etc.)
 - E-mail and manage the operation of newsletters
 - Plan and progress the content production accompanying the above.
 - Design communication (including measures to raise user needs and interests, as well as media relations aimed at maximizing them and follow-up for existing customers.) 

Verification and improvement of overall effects related to the above work 


・Marketing experience in software sales (Either toB, toC)
・Communication skills and teamwork that facilitate smooth collaboration with internal stakeholders
・Basic knowledge about cloud services and software development
・Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and its implementation
・Experience of planning and directing website production and web advertisements (You will also be responsible for the work collaborated by external vendors.)
・Writing skills
・English level for internal communication
Japanese native level 


・Experience in planning and operating seminars, exhibitions, events, etc.
Knowledge of software development technology
・Experience of customer support work
・Experience in marketing technical products for engineers
JSTQB hold
English business level