Account Manager at Talent Tech Startup

Remote /
Internal Hiring – Strategists /
Job Title: Account Manager at Talent Tech Startup
Location: Remote (PST, CST or EST time zone)
Compensation: $80,000 OTE

Are you passionate about connecting great people with good work? Are you a leader who has a background in sales, account management or consulting? If you love technology and want to help mission-driven startups make a positive impact on the world - this unique role may be the perfect fit for you.

About us: At Avra ( we're on a mission to help great people find meaningful work, at companies that are making a positive impact in our world. By connecting the two, we play a role in accelerating mission-driven startups' success, which benefits the lives of their customers and workforce.

Why this role exists: In the last 4-years, we’ve gone from nothing to a profitable and growing agency where fast-growing startups come when they need to add bandwidth to their recruiting function. But our vision is much, much bigger. 
In this role, you’ll spend part of your time leading a team of talent professionals, made up of the ‘five disciplines of hiring’, as they parachute into a company to help them scale their hiring. You will also spend some of your week working alongside the CEO and leadership team as we build the Avra network, a place for the best talent professionals in the world to connect, find jobs and collaborate on the future of work.

Required Experience:
- You have at least 7 years of progressive professional experience
- You’ve led teams and managed projects 
- You are very comfortable hiring for tech roles
- You’ve worked at, or with, startups

- Proficient in Google Workspace 
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Ability to craft and manage recruiting roadmaps
- Solid understanding of technology, technology startups, and the startup landscape
- Data-driven
- Ability to align stakeholders, both internal and external 
- Process-orientated

- You are entrepreneurial at heart
- You are a direct, but warm conversationalist with the ability to probe without being offensive and the ability to read between the lines
- You are intelligent. Whether you graduated from an Ivy-league school or dropped out at 16, we believe intelligence isn’t tied to an education level or IQ test but instead something that can be developed with diligence.
- You are well-respected. This doesn’t always mean well-liked, but instead, it means those around you, whether friends, neighbors, or colleagues respect you and think of you as someone with character. 
- You thrive in a remote work environment. Fully remote work is not for everyone; it requires the ability to quickly pick up online tools, familiarity with our tech stack (G-Drive, Slack, Notion, Airtable, and a variety of modern ATS’), and the ability to communicate (and often over-communicate) well in writing.
- You are highly reliable with a GSD mindset. You say what you mean and do what you say. You are consistent and take ownership in situations, large or small. Regardless of external circumstances, you get the job done.
- You love learning new things. Whether you learn best through reading, listening, doing, or exploring, you’re perpetually curious about the world around you and always trying to level up your personal and professional life through self-directed learning.

In the first 90-days on the job, you will:
- Learn ‘the Avra way’, becoming an expert on our processes, systems, and methodology 
- Onboard your first 3 client accounts
- Achieve our billable utilization target

In the first year, you will:
- Make a meaningful impact on the creation and launch of the Avra network—a place for the best talent professionals in the world to connect, find jobs, and collaborate on the future of work.
- Lead entire client intake processes, from start to finish
- Add to our systems and processes to improve on ‘the Avra way’ which will be apparent by reduced time spent on repetitive tasks, reduced friction, improved margins, or profit per account
- Constantly keep an eye out for ways to improve our client-facing experience as well as how the DRT operates through automation, innovation, or delegation