Laravel Software Engineer (Mid/Senior)

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About Beanstock 

Beanstock is a real estate fintech that is reimagining property investment. 

Our mission is to make wealth creation through real estate accessible to everyone and to empower individuals to invest in rental properties in a smart, digital and cost-effective way. 

We are building the leading tech-driven marketplace for investment properties in Europe and transforming the way rental properties are analyzed, bought and owned.

What you’ll be doing day to day:

    • Building new features in our product that improve the lives of our clients, suppliers, and our internal operations.
    • Collaborate with the team on how we should build something, fix an interesting issue, or design a feature, whether they’re an engineer, a designer or an operations manager.
    • Improving our tooling and infrastructure as needed to make it easier for us to debug issues or scale as we have more users.
    • Sharing your opinions on designs, goals, operational problems, hiring, etc. and giving feedback to others to help us do the best we can.
    • Chatting with users to gather feedback or help them solve issues they’re having to improve our product for everyone.

You should apply if:

    • You’re excited about what we’re doing! We’re a technology company working in a very traditional industry and that gives us a huge opportunity to build something truly different.
    • You’re comfortable getting hands-on in a very early-stage startup environment. We’re still a small team and so you’ll have the chance to be involved in all areas of the business.
    • You have experience building apps in Laravel and are comfortable writing code that runs on the frontend too — having experience with GraphQL, React here is a plus.
    • You care about the users we are creating products for, being happy to speak to them directly.
    • You are comfortable putting something out there when it’s not-perfectly-polished to gather feedback, whether that’s an MVP of a feature, a draft of a proposal, or your thoughts on a design.
    • You care about the team and culture we are building and understand the importance of giving feedback and supporting others around you.

What you’ll get:

    • A competitive salary and stock options in Beanstock, with the choice to trade-off salary for additional stock options on signing. The range for this role is based on level/seniority and salary trade-off, alongside meaningful equity.
    • A company & culture that cares about the people within it, with benefits like health insurance, a learning budget, 40 days holiday (inc. bank holidays), and internally transparent salaries.
    • ​​Comprehensive relocation assistance to move to Paris.
    • Blue Card visa sponsorship.
    • Experience at an early-stage startup, where you get to shape our future both internally and externally.
    • The equipment you need to work to your best.
    • Gym and public transport discounts.
Our internal tooling tech stack leans heavily on the Laravel ecosystem, using Vapor, Nova, Lighthouse and many more..

We tend towards paying for tools or services as opposed to building them ourselves, if we can put money towards a problem that would otherwise take a lot of our time whilst still creating the user experience we desire then we’ll aim to do so. We’ll try to keep our investments in a few tools/services rather than having many ways to save the same problems

It’s good to know what to expect and a little about how we do things currently, but there’s plenty to improve and the mindset you bring is far more important than your familiarity with our tech stack or tools. So if you’re not so familiar with some of the tools or languages then don’t let that dissuade you, your way of thinking and experience is much more important.

This role is based at our office in a vibrant neighborhood in Paris. We currently work in a hybrid working environment, where we aim to spend at least 3 days/week together in the office and working remotely the rest of the time, keeping us close to the team and the operational elements of our business whilst also giving flexibility for remote working.