Senior Product Design Engineer

Engineering Team – Pipeline Edge Team /
Full time
/ Remote
Buildkite’s mission is to unblock every developer on the planet.  Our Pipelines CI/CD is used by the best engineering teams in the world, including Airbnb, Shopify, PagerDuty, and Lyft.
We're in search of a well-rounded Product Design Engineer who is strong in the UX of web applications. You have experience making functional and useful UI informed by real-world customer use cases, and you are excited and motivated by deploying empathy to understand and solve the problems that are important to our software engineer customers.
You must have a strong discovery toolkit to use and experience in taking big, ambiguous problems and working through them collaboratively, refining the problem/solution space with appropriate levels of fidelity as needed. 
You’ll create user journeys, use and refine personas, as well as perform user testing research, and synthesis. You place a high value on sharing your work and iterating until it’s great.
You don’t need a developer tools background (though that would be a bonus!), but you can demonstrate how you’ve previously gone from 0% to 80% domain knowledge in previous jobs in a specialist domain.

A typical day for you might look like:

Jumping on a call with Buildkite customers to talk about common problems they are facing
Conducting customer calls to perform usability testing and gather feedback.
Participating in strategic calls with engineers and the product manager to brainstorm potential solutions
Working in Figma to design a high - fidelity prototype of a user flow or explore information hierarchy
Collaborating closely with product engineers to refine and enhance a new UI component before it goes live
Sharing a Loom to demonstrate ideas and solutions to educate the wider business
Analyzing feature usage patterns to derive and formulate creative design concepts

What we're looking for:

You’re a born collaborator who listens carefully and communicates clearly
You enjoy solving complex problems and finding innovative, simple solutions
Are adept with screen design practices relating to process, wireframing, UI and responsive design
You have prior experience collaboratively designing complex use cases in a cross-functional setting
Comfort working remotely. We are a remote-first company, so you will need to be comfortable in taking initiative when team members are offline, as well as working collaboratively through project management tools such as Linear and treating others with empathy and kindness.
Experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript, and have used GitHub to collaborate with developers. 
Proficiency in developing and presenting visual design stages using tools such as Figma, Adobe, Mixpanel and GSuite
Experience with developer products