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Company Overview 
Bundle is the only 1:1 live skills development solution that specializes in human-centered skills, designing and delivering curated content facilitated live by experts and driven by interactive instruction. Bundle training programs weave together the techniques and perspective learners need to step forward with confidence. The future of learning is human.

Trainer Overview
Bundle trainers are highly qualified with a minimum of 3 years' training experience in combination with professional experience, training, and degrees. Bundle trainers provide our learners with personalized support based on the learners’ needs in their professional soft skills development. A successful candidate will have a background developing soft skills in others and/or roles where they planned and facilitated professional development for a team or company.
Bundle prides itself on creating robust lesson plans with all necessary resources, so our trainers have the least amount of administrative time and can focus on what they do best - train. Bundle sessions are 1:1 and range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes in length. All Bundle sessions are held virtually on Zoom.

Trainers are compensated on a per session basis. In addition, our trainers don't create their own lesson plans or pull their own resources resulting in very low administrative time. This combined with our regular competitor analysis and review of industry standards ensures our pay rates are above average. 

The Bundle trainer role is most suitable for those who are looking for extra income or an opportunity to contribute. It should not be relied upon for consistent or full-time income. This is a contracted position. 

For more information about Bundle trainers, visit our website.

DEIB Trainers
Bundle is seeking trainers to lead our learners in sessions on topics related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. A successful candidate will have a background and training/certifications directly related to DEIB.

More specifically, you will:

    • Utilize the lesson plans and resources provided by Bundle in all sessions. 
    • Conduct virtual sessions over a video conferencing call. 
    • Maintain at least 10 hours of availability each week in the Bundle platform. 
    • Build excellent rapport with the learner and drive the conversation forward. 
    • Keep learners engaged throughout the duration of the Bundle session. 
    • Check-in with the learner throughout the lesson to ensure fun and enrichment. 
    • Effectively manage the time and pace of the session to complete it in a timely manner.    
    • Troubleshoot technical issues with the learner as needed.  
    • Provide feedback to the Bundle Team after each Bundle session.  
    • Maintain excellent communication with the Bundle Team.  
    • Follow the Trainer Handbook and your Trainer contract. 

Trainer Musts

    • At least 3 years training experience with adult learners
    • At least 5 years' experience developing adults both professional and personally 
    • A college degree, certifications, or significant training related to DEIB
    • At least 10 hours of availability each week 
    • Ability to meet learners at their level 
    • Ability to relate material to learners’ real lives 
    • Strong time management skills 
    • Build and maintain subject expertise 
    • Ability to influence others 
    • Ability to ask thought-provoking questions and stimulate discussion 
    • Empathy & rapport building 
    • Ability to be sensitive and inclusive with diverse learners 
    • Clear and engaging instructional style 
    • Comfort with use of learning and other necessary technologies 
    • Access to a functioning laptop or desktop computer with a camera, highspeed internet, and the most updated web browsers 
    • Experience with video conference calling, screen shares, launching videos, hyperlinks, and slideshow presentations  
    • Fluent in English 
    • Pass a reference and background check (using a US social security number) 
    • Eligible to work in the United States with a US bank account 
    • 18 years of age or older 
At Bundle, we take great pride in delivering top-notch training programs that empower individuals and organizations to excel. Our commitment to excellence begins with our rigorous 5-step selection process, ensuring that only the best trainers become part of our team. 
1. Application
2. Training Demonstration Video
3. Meet & Greet Interview
4. Reference Check
5. Background Check