Industrial Designer

Shanghai, China /
Product /
Full Time
About Us:
Caper builds smart shopping carts powered by deep learning and computer vision to enable a seamless grab-and-go retail experience. We differ from other emerging cashierless technologies like Amazon Go because we are the scalable solution. Caper’s autonomous checkout technology is plug and play, meaning it requires no in-store renovation, no operational overhaul, no heavy computations or endless image labeling. Any retailer can buy the carts and their entire store is upgraded with cashierless capabilities. Caper costs less than 1% of Amazon Go's infrastructure. We are already live in-stores and our customers love us! 

Caper is the fastest-growing company in retail automation technology and is backed by Lux Capital, First Round Capital, Y Combinator along with top executives from Google, Walmart, Instacart, Plated, and Albertsons with over $13M in funding to date. While e-commerce accounts for 8% of total retail spending, Caper is innovating the other 92% of the untapped offline retail potential.

 As a part of the Caper team, you’ll be a part of a culture that cares about its people and the future we’re shaping together. At Caper, we may all come from different backgrounds, but we all share one common vision - to fundamentally disrupt the retail industry.

You Will:

    • Explore the needs of users and businesses, and create innovative solutions.
    • Responsible for Caper product ID design, communicating with overseas teams, determining product design output and related product definition work.
    • Control the design quality and coordinate internal and external R&D resources to ensure the perfect presentation of the product from concept to mass production.
    • Responsible for product commercialization, product introductions, videos, and packaging design, etc., output high-fidelity product renderings and high-quality visual design.
    • Responsible for other design works.

Must Haves:

    • Bachelor degree or equivalent industrial experience, more than 3 years of ID design work experience.
    • Fluent English Speaker (be able to communicate with overseas teams independently).
    • Have a strong professional background in the field of industrial design. Have unique insights and influence in a certain area of ​​the profession.
    • Rich experience in mass production, familiar with CMF. (Working experience in a start-up company is preferred)
    • Proficient in 2D/3D design tools, familiar with the whole process of end-to-end design, pursue high standards for 2D/3D design, and have rich experience in mass production.
    • Strong learning and communication skills, good at actively seeking resources to solve problems, systematic and framework skills, and innovative thinking skills.

May Have:

    • Ability to make animations and shoot videos.
    • Experience in IoT and smart hardware.

    • 你的主要工作:
    • 挖掘新零售场景下的用户和商家需求,产出系统的创新方案。
    • 负责Caper产品ID设计,与海外团队需求沟通,确定产品的设计输出及相关产品定义工作。
    • 把控设计品质并协调内外部研发资源,确保从概念到量产过程中完美呈现产品。
    • 负责产品商业化介绍和包装工作,策划产品介绍和视频,包装设计等,输出高保真的产品效果图和高品质视觉设计。
    • 协助完成公司其它各类设计需求。

    • 我们希望你:
    • 工业设计本科及以上学历,3年以上ID设计工作经验。
    • 拥有流利的英文口语(能够独立与海外团队沟通)。
    • 在工业设计领域有很强的专业背景,有一定的专业前瞻性。在专业某一个领域有独到的见解和影响力。
    • 有丰富的产品量产经验,熟悉多种材料和工艺的应用,有初创公司工作经验的优先。
    • 精通2D/3D设计工具,熟悉端到端的设计全流程,对2D/3D设计有高标准追求,有丰富的跨部门合作经验。
    • 学习和沟通能力强,善于主动寻求资源解决问题,有系统和框架性能力,有创新思维能力。

    • 若你具备下面的能力/经验更佳:
    • 会制作动画和有拍摄经验优先。
    • 有IOT和智能硬件相关的行业经验优先。
    • 加入我们,你会感受到与传统企业完全不同的氛围!每年涨薪/奖金,无限制带薪年假,无限制零食,快速的成长和发展,我们都有!