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About Us:
Caper builds smart shopping carts powered by deep learning and computer vision to enable a seamless grab-and-go retail experience. We differ from other emerging cashierless technologies like Amazon Go because we are the scalable solution. Caper’s autonomous checkout technology is plug and play, meaning it requires no in-store renovation, no operational overhaul, no heavy computations or endless image labeling. Any retailer can buy the carts and their entire store is upgraded with cashierless capabilities. Caper costs less than 1% of Amazon Go's infrastructure. We are already live in-stores and our customers love us! 

Caper is the fastest-growing company in retail automation technology and is backed by Lux Capital, First Round Capital, Y Combinator along with top executives from Google, Walmart, Instacart, Plated, and Albertsons with over $13M in funding to date. While e-commerce accounts for 8% of total retail spending, Caper is innovating the other 92% of the untapped offline retail potential.

 As a part of the Caper team, you’ll be a part of a culture that cares about its people and the future we’re shaping together. At Caper, we may all come from different backgrounds, but we all share one common vision - to fundamentally disrupt the retail industry.

At Caper, we empower our product teams to solve hard problems - customer problems and business problems - in ways that our customers love, yet work for our business.   Our product teams are cross-functional and durable, generally composed of a product manager, a product designer, and several engineers.

We staff our product teams with the skills necessary to come up with effective solutions that are valuable (our customers choose to buy or use), viable (the solution works within the many constraints of the business), usable (the user can figure out how to use) and feasible(our engineers have the skills and technology to implement).

This means that the product manager must contribute to their product team a solid knowledge of the various constraints of the business - constraints from marketing, sales, service, finance, legal, and privacy are typical examples.  The product manager must also contribute to the product team a deep knowledge of our users and customers, and the data about how our customers engage with our products.  Finally, the product manager is expected to track industry trends and the competitive landscape as they pertain to their product.

We look for product managers that understand that consistent innovation is the result of each member of the product team contributing their passion and their ideas.  The product manager must collaborate closely with their product designer and engineers to discover effective solutions, and then work together to deliver those solutions to market.
While we empower our product teams to figure out the best solutions to the problems that need to be solved, we also hold those teams accountable to the results.  Shipping is necessary, but not sufficient.  We look for product managers that are not afraid of signing up for results, even when this means they have to work through others to achieve the necessary results.
You will need to be able to influence your teammates, as well as colleagues, stakeholders, and key executives, through your use of data and logic.

What will I be doing?
You will be leading a cross-functional team, focused on a core tenent of Caper’s strategic product offering.  You will continue to refine the vision of your product, which is obsessed with delivering unrivaled value and continuously unlocking opportunities.  You will be a key leader within the company that is responsible for identifying initiatives tied to our company objectives and leading a team through delivery.  You will work with your team to derive and review insights gathered from a multitude of sources: shoppers, partners, session data, industry trends, etc.


    • Led teams leveraging your expertise in product management best practices including product planning, customer discovery, product discovery, product development process, effort estimation, partnership with product marketing, and resource management.
    • Intake & validate new, vague ideas through a set of frameworks and drive them into implementable projects and identify new opportunities that move the needle. You use qualitative and quantitative insights to clarify decisions wherever possible.
    • Collaborate with Engineering, Design, and Product leadership to make organizational and staffing decisions, motivate and empower your teams, and refine cross-functional processes.
    • Propagate a  passion for good design, great user experience and creating a scalable, easy to use product that truly connects with its users, ensuring the team understands the importance of testing and feedback as crucial components to creating a useful and functional product.
    • Evaluate shopper / partner problems and create a solution all the way from top-level goals to nitty-gritty operational and system details. 
    • Maintain alignment across partner-facing teams by regularly sharing product updates and collaborating around unmet partner needs.
    • Clearly ensure one-pagers, requirements, release notes and other artifacts related to your product are well documented.
    • Publish company-wide updates consisting of product performance metrics, team performance and product roadmap.
    • Mentoring, coaching and providing support to a team of PMs and SPMs

Necessary Qualifications:

    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.
    • 5+ years of Product Management experience, with 3+ years of growing, managing and inspiring a team to greatness
    • Basic knowledge of industry standard design tools. Most importantly, you believe that design and engineering should not be siloed, but instead work together throughout the process to build a structurally sound, beautiful and intuitive user experience.
    • You practice design thinking and understand the balance of a more empathetic, flexible and iterative approach to product development.
    • You can stand behind design decisions that focus on finding out the right ideas alongside the business focus for growth.
    • Technical experience using tools like JIRA to manage scrum backlog.
    • Data-informed - You know how to leverage data to make good decisions when confronted by ambiguity. You may not have all the answers upfront but you know how to find them
    • Must be data and metrics-informed, and have an ability to tie product activities to metrics, such as customer adoption, product usage, or revenue, that help move the business forward.
    • Storytelling. You’re good at presenting to large groups, convincing people to run towards goals, and managing multiple stakeholders - even when they don’t report to you.
    • Curiosity. You value learning and exploring. You should enjoy moving fast and learning lots of new things!
    • Industry chops - you have worked with consumer-facing products, in retail, restaurant, hospitality, or e-commerce
    • Technical chops - don’t need to code, but should be able to gauge what technologies work best for the job, what’s easy or difficult to implement.
    • You understand that brand presence, identity and voice is just as important as the product itself.
    • Experience with computer vision, software + hardware , IoT products a plus 


    • Competitive salary with equity
    • Attractive Health, Vision & Dental Plans
    • Flexible hybrid work model
    • Short Term Disability Plan
    • Unlimited snacks
    • Unlimited PTO