Unusual Talent [Accepting Expressions of Interest]

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Conjecture aims to capitalize on pooling skills from various specializations. Whether or not you are specialized in one of the major fields of predilection (e.g., AI Safety, ML), you can still bring your talent to the team.

If your mind is brilliant enough, we assume you can contribute to alignment in a profound way and can learn anything you need to on the job. For that, you need to show us that you have been (and still are) a fast learner in your life.

Some good signs of that would be :

- You're a master in different technical subjects or industries
- You've succeeded in highly competitive programming or mathematics competitions
- You've created from scratch a complex technical product such as a game, a blockchain, or a framework
- You have the ability (and the willingness) to learn new technical skills very quickly
- You've founded and built a successful company
- You've built something that's surpassed state of the art tech
- You've participated in various open source projects
- You have a strong work capacity, are focused, and complete the projects you care about

We're conducting interviews on a rolling basis for this role. We may take a few weeks to get back to you. If you have any urgent concerns, please email maris@conjecture.dev.