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We're looking for an outstanding engineer to push our platform to the next level. You'll join us at a crucial stage of accelerated development for the company, product and team. As part of a small, highly collaborative group, you'll drive our product and team to new heights.

Encord is growing rapidly, with our product as the key driver of that growth. A year ago, we were a team of 25; now, we’re 60 and continuing to accelerate.

About Encord
Machine learning is eating the world. Our customers are developing models to detect tumors, improve traffic, manage factories, inspect critical infrastructure and a lot more. They're all hamstrung by the need to generate, manage and curate large amounts of data. Their most valuable asset is their biggest bottleneck. We work to remove that bottleneck and accelerate the development of AI.

Our platform manages hundreds of millions of data items, using intelligent tools for search, understanding, and curation at scale. Our annotation suite and workflow automation rapidly convert our customer's raw data into machine intelligence.

What to expect
- High performing team: You'll join the small team that has built a product that our customers love and consistently rate as the best in the market. Members of the team are veterans of both Big Tech and successful startups. While the team is more than a sum of its parts, every member on the team is impressive on their own.

- Impact: Your work will have direct and tangible impact for customers and in turn noticeably affect the trajectory of the company.

- End-to-end ownership: You will be entrusted with end-to-end ownership of your projects. From product, design and architectural decisions, all the way to deployment, monitoring and measuring impact on users. You will work across the stack, covering everything from deployment to styling. We expect each other to take initiative, be proactive in problem-solving, and continuously seek improvements.

- Autonomy and collaboration: You will often work autonomously to take charge of your projects, make decisions, and drive your work forward. But as a lean and high trust team, we remain quick to collaborate and support each other with challenging problems together.

- Scale and simplicity: You will tackle complex domains and immense scale with simple solutions. You'll leverage your expertise to solve challenging problems in simple ways.

About You
- Are experienced: You have seen a lot and built a lot compared to your peers. You have personally developed and maintained multiple systems from scratch and you know what trade offs are involved in building reliable, performant software at speed. 

- Seek high impact: You want your work to have a tangible outcome for people. You're not satisfied when building products that do not see the light of day or move a number by a tenth of a percent.

- Are a builder: You enjoy all aspects of building not only software but a complete product and are comfortable moving across the stack when necessary. You enjoy problem solving and thinking from first principles. You’re ready to pick up new skills and build quickly.

- Are comfortable with uncertainty: You're happy to tackle problems without a predefined clear definition or obvious solution, and are excited to have autonomy to make decisions as you go.

- Are a team player: You understand that being a member of a high-performing team requires two things. You contribute your best work. You also help others contribute their best. You enjoy lending a helping hand when needed and levelling up those around you.