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About the role

We are seeking a (senior) software development engineer for our HIPAA-compliant cloud platform and associated apps. You’re cloud-native and have experience with managing the technical challenges of large datasets (ideally video) on AWS. You’ll work closely with leading domain experts to translate R&D prototypes into production-ready code and robust products. As an early team member, you’ll help determine the technical stack and develop core functionality for the platform. This role is remote-friendly.

At Deliberate, we value the unique perspectives provided by individuals with diverse backgrounds and are committed to hiring without bias against age, race, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, military service, or other protected status. We strongly encourage minorities, women, individuals with disabilities or other protected status to apply.

Required experiences to succeed in this role:

    • Formal CS training and experience in a fast-growing software development team
    • Building and deploying product in cloud native and microservices architectures
    • Developing with AWS services
    • Using structured development methodologies (scrum, agile, etc) and toolchains, build systems, and deployment/devops tools. 
    • Building and using complex multidimensional databases (SQL and nonrelational)

Some other experiences that may help:

    • Developing with JavaScript, Angular, React, Node/Express JS and/or Vue
    • Processing, storing and displaying large amounts of video and/or privacy-sensitive data
    • Developing and operating within HIPAA-HITECH compliant environments.
    • Using and developing RESTful and scalable API frameworks.
    • Developing within Nvidia stack (e.g. Clara, Triton, etc).
    • Using Machine Learning tools (PyTorch, TensorFlow or Keras).

Personal qualities we look for in team mates:

    • Privacy and Ethical Awareness: You are acutely aware of the sensitivity of the data we collect, analyze and manage. You are thoughtful about the ethical considerations of using personal health information and how to achieve diversity and inclusion to reduce bias in (medical) AI.
    • Open and Direct Communications: You are transparent and forthright in your intentions and communicate your needs and concerns timely and clearly. You have strong interpersonal skills to effectively deal with different points of view and potential conflicts.
    • Confidently Humble: You are aware of your own cognitive biases and are comfortable communicating what you don’t know yet. You are confident in your ability to figure things out and ask for help when needed. You “serve in a company of heroes”.
    • Adaptable Explorer: You have a high degree of ambiguity tolerance and a bias to mindful action. You are comfortable working in a rapidly changing and loosely structured environment and are able to pivot when needed.

About us

Our team
Deliberate is an early stage, venture-backed, technology startup still operating largely in stealth mode. We believe in the power of diverse teams; not in superheroes. Our team contains a mix of clinical, data science, research and business skills and hails from Latin America, Europe and the US. Most of us have current or past affiliations with leading institutions including Stanford GSB, Stanford CS, Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon CS, Oxford University and Google AI.

Our mission
We provide objective measurement for behavioral and mental health, serving both healthcare providers and clinical trials. Disorder classification and the subjectivity of their assessment are cornerstone problems in behavioral and mental health, which require solutions urgently. Behavioral health problems are highly prevalent and continue to rise, especially during COVID, with at least 1 in 5 people dealing with some kind of mental health problem. Deliberate exists to identify and improve the condition of affected individuals, and reduce the enormous burden that mental health problems place on society.

Our approach to work and compensation
Deliberate provides competitive compensation and excellent benefits. We believe that a hybrid working model is foundational to both team and individual performance and wellbeing. We are remote-friendly with sufficient time spent in the office to build strong relationship with your colleagues.