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About the Team and Products: 
Our team develops and maintains software components targeting Blazor, MVC/ASP.NET, and ASP.NET Core platforms. Our diverse portfolio ranges from simple buttons and text editors to complex components including but not limited to Data Grid, Scheduler, Rich Edit, and Spreadsheet. 
We are a closely-knit international community of talented programmers, designers, technical writers, support engineers, and editors – everyone who is essential for creating high-quality software products. 
How We Work: 
We prioritize code quality, extensive test coverage, and a thoughtful approach to API design throughout the development cycle to ensure security, quality, and reliability of our products. To accomplish these goals, we employ many worldwide-accepted programming practices, such as Test-Driven Development (TDD), pair programming, code reviews. We give regular feedback to each other and share knowledge to help everyone grow and make our software better in the process. 
Our team takes full ownership of our products and shapes the vision of its future – from business requirement analysis with product managers to development, documentation, and ongoing support tasks. 


    • 2+ years of experience in real-world application development in C#. 
    • Profound knowledge of algorithms and data structures. 
    • Knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript (experience in real-world application development is also a plus). 
    • An ability to write clean and extensible code. 
    • Experience in unit testing (for example, xUnit, NUnit for .NET; Jest, WebTestRunner, Mocha for JS). 
    • Experience in working with Git-based version control systems including pull request reviews. 
    • Familiarity with agile development practices. 
    • An ability and willingness to learn quickly. 

Company Benefits:

    • You can work from your home with a powerful desktop or laptop from us.  
    • A co-living corporate apartment near the office.  
    • Meal and transportation allowances are available for office workers.  
    • Internet allowance for home-based workers.  
    • SSS, Philhealth, and Paglbig contributions are fully covered by the company. 
    • Maxicare Healthcare Insurance.
    • 13th Salary.
    • Gym reimbursements (up to 50%).