Senior Chemical Scientist

Bordeaux /
Catalysis /
Full Time
At Dioxycle, we are devoted to the conversion of industrial CO2 emissions into valuable feedstocks with one goal: decarbonize industries in an economically viable manner. To do so, Dioxycle develops a first-of-its-kind high-efficiency autonomous CO2 electrolyzer. Our team combines passionate chemical, mechanical, software engineers and scientists and we are now looking for new talent to join forces with us in this mission.

By joining us at this point in time, you will play a GREAT role in the scale-up of the technology. You will also benefit from the experience of joining our start-up at an early stage and work closely with the founding team as we grow our organisation.

As a senior chemical scientist, you will lead efforts on the development of our catalysis technology. To be fully comfortable with the job, you have a PhD in chemistry/chemical engineering or material sciences and you may have performed one or multiple post-docs in the field of electrochemistry/ CO2 reduction/ catalysis. Above all, you are passionate, extremely rigorous and scientifically creative.

Skillset we are looking for

    • Nanomaterial synthesis
    • Water oxidation/ COx reduction catalysis
    • MEA preparation
    • Catalysis additives
    • Fuel cell expertise is a plus

Mindset you need to be fulfilled in our team

    • You are passionate
    • You like to be efficient
    • You are detail oriented
    • You are ambitious but humbled by the task ahead to help solve climate change
    • You don't stop until the work is done
    • You hate bullsh*t
At Dioxycle, we love makers! We want you to build, test and optimize what you and the team design. For this, you will join our team in our lab in Bordeaux. In all, you will embark on our journey to build the world's most energy efficient low-temperature CO2 electrolyzer for large-scale applications. We are looking forwards to meeting you and provide you with all you need to test your wildest experimental ideas!