Dog Daycare Attendant (Droperator)

Los Angeles /
Care Team (Retail) – Arts District /
Part Time
/ On-site
As a Dogdrop Droperator, your focus day-to-day will be to monitor and manage the dogs in our care in order to ensure the safety and health of the overall group and each individual dog. Part of that care will require keeping the facility clean and orderly on a daily basis.

Primary Responsibilities

    • never stop moving, and keep your eyes on the dogs at all times. You’ll be looking for signs of increased intensity, aggression, antisocial behavior, illness, rough play, or anxiety. You must be able to stand or walk for your entire shift (except during breaks). 
    • redirect dogs constantly, whether with your voice, treats, toys, sounds, or leads. 
    • get to know each dog’s personality, triggers, and schedule, so you can take care of them as effectively as possible.
    • communicate seamlessly with the rest of the team, so everyone is on the same page about each dog’s behavior and needs. If you are pulled away from watching the dogs, ensure someone is in the park. Make sure the dogs are never left unattended.
    • ensure all dogs are safe and healthy at all times. The safety and health of the group are the priority, so if a single dog requires too much attention or care each time they attend Dogdrop, or if they seem ill, you need to let management and member care know so we can determine if that dog is putting the safety or health of the group at risk.
    • manage the energy of the room. You understand that dogs are pack animals and they feed off of each other. Their energy needs to be managed both individually and as a group, which requires constant engagement and interaction. 
    • help evaluate new dogs to see if Dogdrop is a good fit for them.
    • give dogs breaks and affection when appropriate.
    • clean up after dogs immediately, help clean the facility throughout the day, keep everything tidy and organized. Maintaining a clean and pleasant facility by following the outlined cleaning procedures/checklists for your shift.
    • interact with human customers in a kind, respectful, professional, and courteous way.  

About You

    • You have interacted with dogs before and you would never do anything to intentionally harm an animal. 
    • You love dogs but know when to show affection and when not to.
    • You know the signs of stress and aggression in dogs and are not scared to jump in and manage their energy and activity. 
    • You’re quick to grab a mop or pick up after a dog (or 10!) and you know how to follow cleaning protocols and checklists. 
    • You know a bit about dog behavior, and are eager to learn the Dogdrop way of doing things. 
    • You know how to handle your own stress levels around a lot of noise and anxious dogs. 
    • Communication is key in this role, so you are able to work well and communicate effectively with other team members. 
    • You are extremely patient and always kind to our dog and human members.
    • You’re punctual, reliable, and respectful.

Success in this Role

    • No dog fights or scuffles
    • Happy dogs and customers
    • Exceptional attendance
    • You’re always on time or early
    • The facility ALWAYS smells and looks good