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If you are motivated by the infinite hacker movement
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All positions at DoraTeam are fully remote

Operational Specialist | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Taking on product operations, content operations, and user operations to achieve the goals of new user acquisition, user growth, and user retention
    • Collecting user feedback and participating in product testing to make suggestions on product iteration Participating in DoraHacks' Grant/Hackathon operation includes writing relevant documents and event introductions, following up project progress, collecting user feedback after the event, etc
    • Assisting to coordinate and organize project demos and technical workshops, and effectively collect and disseminate related content
    • Communicating with users to know user needs in a timely manner, and answer user questions
    • Regularly summarize operation experience, and assist in the optimization of content, products and operating processes
    • Conducting industry and competitor research and analysis

    •  Career Orientation
    •  After one year of working, your role will fit into one specific field including event operation, content operation, user operation, product growth based on your work ability and expertise.

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor degree or above
    • Mandarin and English fluency, able to write English promotional content
    • Desire to work in operations for a long time
    • Multitasking ability and excellent time management skills
    • Team-player with strong communication and coordination skills

    • The following will be a plus
    • Event operation, community operation experience
    • Operation internship experience
    • Data analysis skills
    • Engineering/Science academic background
    • Spanish/Korean can be a working language

User Growth | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Participate in the basic work of operation includes document writing, answering user questions, product optimization testing, management activities follow-up, etc.
    • Acquire new users of the product (, increase users' activitiness, stickiness and loyalty to the platform
    • Build, maintain and improve the key data indicator system to follow up user behavior, product data, content community, and community user activity
    • Regularly conduct user surveys to understand user needs in a timely manner and collect user feedback
    • Analyze the collected quantitative and qualitative data, give suggestions on the optimization of product design, event operation, content operation, and community operation , and track the optimization results.

    • Qualifications
    • Own basic user operation knowledge, interested in user behavior analysis,and have a vision from the perspective of users
    • Have data analysis ability
    • Understand the basic theory of user growth
    • Able to quickly and deeply understand the product operation and business logic of DoraHacks
    • Team player with a sense of purpose
    • Mandarin and English can be used as working languages

Product Specialist | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Assist product architects and developers in improving product features and prototypes
    • Assist the product director in writing product requirements specification and related documents
    • Assist the product director in answering the requirements of the developers and testers
    • Make research and analysis of market demand information, innovative technology and other information, and compose competitive product analysis reports
    • Collect and sort out product demand feedback from operations, business and other teams to make product iterations
    • Coordinate relevant technical teams to complete project management on product research, development and launchment
    • Assist team members with product translation into other languages

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor degree or above
    • Fluent in Mandarin with good English reading and writing skills
    • Sharp insight into user needs, able to write product requirements documents
    • Able to draw wireframes, coding or UI background is preferred
    • Science or engineering background is preferred
    • Work experience in major Internet manufacturers is preferred

Content Marketing Specialist | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Writing English and/or Chinese articles best introduce DoraHacks and Dora Factory to a wide range of audiences, and taking on content delivery, community communication and public opinion tracking on designated blockchain media platforms.
    • Know Dora’s products, have sharp insights into social media trends and skills in marketing tools, continuously produce content in various forms such as articles, graphics, videos, and in-person impressions.
    • Creating original high-quality content to improve the fan activeness on Twitter, YouTube, Binance Live , and other social media platforms, increase the number of fans, and reach the user conversion goal.
    • Monitor and measure results with both quantitative approach and qualitative approach.
    • Frequent coordination with team and intensive communication / iteration on contents.

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor degree or above, journalism, communication, PR related major
    • Good at manuscript writing with strong writing skills
    • Fluent in English and/or Mandarin (listening, speaking, and writing) and ability to compose English and Mandarin news release

    • The following will be a plus
    • Team management experience
    • Knowledge in crypto communities and PR
    • Professional media PR experience, with active thinking and sharp insights into private domain traffic

Research Engineer|Economics(Game Theory) | Full-time/Part-time

    • Bachelor degree or above, master / Phd degrees preferred
    • Deep understanding and interests in Economics(Game Theory)
    • Strong communication and coordination skills
    • The research can be based on your thesis or project , including topic-specific research, ideation, discussion on product / engineering possibilities and cost structures, etc.

Research Engineer| Astrophysics, Planetary Science | Full-time/Part-time

    • Bachelor degree or above, master / Phd degrees preferred
    • Top university dropouts will be considered
    • Deep understanding and interests in Astrophysics or Planetary Science
    • Strong communication and coordination skills
    • The research can be based on your thesis or project , including topic-specific research, ideation, discussion on product / engineering possibilities and cost structures, etc.

UI Engineer | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Design and develop user interfaces for web products
    • Work with stakeholders to ensure that user interfaces meet the specifications and requirements
    • Develop and maintain UI documentation and design systems
    • Research and incorporate the latest UI trends and technologies into web products
    • Collaborate with other developers, designers, and stakeholders to ensure that the final product meets all specifications and requirements

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s degree in Human–computer Interaction, Media Arts and Science, Computer Science, Design, or related fields
    • UI and frontend skills
    • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Familiarity with popular frontend frameworks and libraries
    • Familiarity with trending design tools, such as Figma, Framer, etc.
    • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills
    • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
    • Passion for creating intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces
    • Pls attach your portfolio with the CV

DORA Designer | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • In-depth understanding of our business needs and user preferences, responsible for visual design of daily event posters, DM, meme, etc.
    • Deep understanding of Dora's users and community culture, and coordinating external designers to carry out related video, animation design and other peripheral designs
    • Able to design or coordinate with other designers to design DORA cultural and creative peripherals, T-shirts, sweaters, dolls, animations, etc.
    • Independently acquire the latest design techniques and styles and integrate them into Dora design work (such as video clips, animation production, emoticons, etc.)
    • Constantly tapping into new design trends to enrich the image of Dora
    • Cooperate with and provide relevant design support for other teams

    • Qualifications
    • Profound painting skills, passionate about creation, flexible with tools and forms
    • Love science fiction and movies, full of curiosity about the universe, interested in quantum computing, blockchain, satellite communication and other technologies
    • Science or engineering background is preferred
DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active developer incentive platforms. It creates a global hacker movement in blockchain, quantum computing and space tech, and provides a wide range of toolkits to help developers around the world team up and fund their ideas and BUIDLs via hackathons, bounties, grants, idea networks, developer games and more.
By far, more than 5300 startup teams from the DoraHacks community have received over $40 million in grants and other forms of contributions from supporters worldwide. A large number of open source communities, companies and blockchain ecosystems are actively using Dora's infrastructure ( for open source funding and community governance.
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