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All positions of Dora team are fully remote for this moment.

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Community Development Specialist (Frontier-tech) | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Specifically focus on space tech and quantum computing within the broader frontier tech landscape.
    • Lead the design and organization of hackathons/grants in the frontier tech space, including activities such as event promotion, participant recruitment, judge and mentor invitations, and fostering increased community engagement.
    • Cultivate and strengthen ties with organizations and communities in the frontier tech sector to enhance our hackathon/grant events. This includes supporting promotion, engaging as co-hosts or sponsors, and exploring additional collaborative opportunities.
    • Establish partnerships with frontier tech communities and companies, offering our platform as infrastructure for them to host their hackathons/grants.
    • Develop and execute plans for frontier tech workshops, involving the design, planning, selection of topics, and speaker invitations to enhance our community engagements.
    • Actively participate in offline conferences and events related to frontier tech.

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor's degree or above.
    • Full professional proficiency in English; excellent communication and writing skills.
    • Strong multitasking ability and excellent time management skills.
    • Team player with strong communication and coordination skills.
    • Passion for frontier tech such as space tech, quantum computing, etc.

    • The following will be a plus
    • Engineering/Science academic background
    • Relevant experience in organizing hackathons or workshops
    • Event operation, community operation experience
    • Data analysis sk
    • Spanish/Korean can be a working language

Marketing Specialist | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Write articles to introduce DoraHacks and Dora Factory to a wide range of audiences, and take on content delivery, community communication and public opinion tracking on designated blockchain media platforms.
    • Pitch and nurture relationships with overseas social media(English, Japanese, Korean, etc.), regularly analyze media data, and iterate media resources.
    • Know Dora’s products, have sharp insights into social media trends and skills in marketing tools, continuously produce content in various forms such as articles, graphics, videos, and in-person impressions.
    • Create original high-quality content to improve the fan activeness on Twitter, YouTube, Binance Live , and other social media platforms, increase the number of fans, and reach the user acquisition goal.
    • Coordinate Dora's offline branding activity, material design, etc. to achieve better communication effects.
    • Monitor and measure results with both quantitative approach and qualitative approach.
    • Coordinate with teams to make intensive iterations on communication contents.

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor degree or above, journalism, communication, PR related major
    • English native is a must
    • Mandarin fluency is a plus
    • Good at manuscript writing with excellent editorial ability
    • More than 3 years of professional media public relations experience with active thinking and keen insight into private domain traffic
    • Experience in liaison and collaboration with overseas technology, venture capital, and mainstream media
    • Experience/skills in crisis PR preferred
    • Knowledge in crypto communities preferred

Product Specialist | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Assist product architects and developers in improving product features and prototypes
    • Assist the product director in writing product requirements specification and related documents
    • Assist the product director in answering the requirements of the developers and testers
    • Make research and analysis of market demand information, innovative technology and other information, and compose competitive product analysis reports
    • Collect and sort out product demand feedback from operations, business and other teams to make product iterations
    • Coordinate relevant technical teams to complete project management on product research, development and launchment
    • Assist team members with product translation into other languages

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor degree or above
    • Fluent in Mandarin with good English reading and writing skills
    • Sharp insight into user needs, able to write product requirements documents
    • Able to draw wireframes, coding or UI background preferred
    • Science or engineering background is preferred
    • Work experience in major Internet manufacturers preferred

CEO Assistant | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Conduct book readings and briefing for CEO
    • Optimize daily schedule and meeting arrangement
    • Implement document writing and archiving
    • Research and analyze project-related data and information
    • Prepare project-related articles, reports, and presentations

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor degree or above from NTU/NUS/SMU, better with physics/engineering background
    • English and Chinese fluency
    • Excellent command of reading capability
    • Good command of editing and communication skills
    • Proficient in MS (outlook, Excel, Word, PPT) tools
    • Similar role experience is not a must but a plus

Business Development Analyst | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Scale up top blockchain/ecosystem partners
    • Expand partnership with industry-leading enterprises in developing their dev community and ecosystem
    • Building and maintaining long lasting business relationships with clients
    • Identify, negotiate and sign deals with new partners of all sizes
    • Close deals in collaboration with other teams(legal, engineering, marketing and product)
    • Assist BD director to craft and implement BD strategies and agenda

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, or a related field
    • Able to reach and identify good projects for DoraHacks collaboration and partnership
    • Excellent English communication and presentation skills
    • Passion for web3 and blockchain
    • An understanding of the blockchain ecosystem is a plus
    • Experience in business development, partnerships, and sales for a top Internet/technology/consultancy company is preferred

UI Engineer | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Design and develop user interfaces for web products
    • Work with stakeholders to ensure that user interfaces meet the specifications and requirements
    • Develop and maintain UI documentation and design systems
    • Research and incorporate the latest UI trends and technologies into web products
    • Collaborate with other developers, designers, and stakeholders to ensure that the final product meets all specifications and requirements

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s degree in Human–computer Interaction, Media Arts and Science, Computer Science, Design, or related fields
    • Mandarin fluency is a must
    • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Familiarity with popular frontend frameworks and libraries
    • Familiarity with trending design tools, such as Figma, Framer, etc.
    • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills
    • Passion for creating intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces
    • Pls attach your portfolio with the CV which is a must for the processing

Research Engineer | Astrophysics, Planetary Science | Full-time | Part-time

    • Bachelor degree or above, master / PhD degrees preferred
    • Deep understanding and interests in Astrophysics or Planetary Science
    • Strong communication and coordination skills
    • The research can be based on your thesis or project , including topic-specific research, ideation, discussion on product / engineering possibilities and cost structures, etc.

Research Engineer | Blockchain Consensus | Full-time

    • Bachelor degree’s degree in communication technology or computer science related majors required
    • PhD degree in related fields preferred
    • Understand BFT protocols, especially honey badger BFT and its later developments
    • Understanding of satellite communications and satellite constellation is preferred, though not required
    • Experience in embedded system programming and engineering is preferred, though not required

Full Stack Engineer | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Able to undertake daily front-end + back-end requirements development
    • Able to summarize problems and form a positive drive
    • Write test cases and system documentation
    • Able to maintain the underlying server
    • Able to follow up user feedback for bug resolution

    • Qualifications
    • Frontend: Vue framework + mobile phone implementation
    • Backend: Django
    • DB: Mysql+Mongo
    • Code collaboration tools: Gitlab+Sentry
    • Cloud provider: AWS
    • Mandarin fluency is a must

Admin Assistant | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Assist executives with daily organizational tasks
    • Facilitate company structuring initiatives
    • Coordinate legal work for fundraising, including portfolio management and document review
    • Create legal and organizational structures for the company's new developments
    • Plan and coordinate meetings, conferences, and events, as well as travel logistics
    • Support the formulation and distribution of administrative policies and update existing protocols
    • Perform additional assigned tasks and projects

    • Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher
    • 1-3 years of related working experience, better in fast-growing tech startups
    • Mandarin and English proficiency needed
    • Strong work ethics
    • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
    • Strong organizational and time management abilities
    • Proficiency in MS Office and quick to learn new software and systems
    • Commitment to maintaining strict confidentiality of company information

DevOps | Full-time

    • Responsibilities
    • Familiar with AWS Cloud setup and troubleshooting, and responsible for website maintenance
    • Website configuring, operation, maintaining backup, infrastructure integration, monitoring, alerting system setup in a rountined manner
    • Analyze, solve, and correct issues in real time (configure and maintain database servers and processes, monitor system’s health and performance, ensure high level of performance, security, effectiveness, availability, and sustainability)
    • Develop and maintain up-to-date architectural templates, build an operational documentation of the technical environment
    • Assist developers with query tuning and schema refinement
    • Provide support for critical production systems
    • Continuously explore and research new operations, maintenance technology, operational tools to improve the enterprise Hybrid cloud
    • Qualifications
    • Computer related majors, have a strong interest in security and DevOps, and have 2 years+ related experience in cloud operation and maintenance
    • Above 2 years working experience in DevOps Engineer role
    • Familiar with AWS products, including but not limited to ECS, ELB, RDS, IAM, network and security related services
    • Familiar with Linux system, proficient in at least one language such as Python/Golang, and have experience in automation tool design, development and integration
    • Familiar with container technology and container orchestration tools, able to use eks is preferred
    • Participated in the construction and maintenance of at least one cloud infrastructure, and those with Alibaba Cloud and AWS cloud service certificates are preferred
    • Proficient in a back-end development language, able to develop basic web services and simple management pages. Better experience in building monitoring tools 

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active developer incentive platforms. It creates a global hacker movement in blockchain, quantum computing and space tech, and provides a wide range of toolkits to help developers around the world team up and fund their ideas and BUIDLs via hackathons, bounties, grants, idea networks, developer games and more.
By far, more than 5300 startup teams from the DoraHacks community have received over $40 million in grants and other forms of contributions from supporters worldwide. A large number of open source communities, companies and blockchain ecosystems are actively using Dora's infrastructure (http://dorahacks.io) for open source funding and community governance.
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