Blockchain Developer (CosmosSDK)

United States
3.Protocol and Infrastructure Team /
Full-time /
Develop Dora Vota code base
Develop necessary modules, applications, and infrastructures for Dora Vota
Participate in the development of decentralized governance protocols and toolings
Maintain Dora Vota appchain and make sure it’s stable, reliable, and secure
Coordinate with Dora Vota validators during software updates, bug fixes, and other events
Coordinate incentivized testnet deployment and validator performance evaluation
Coordinate with external partnership such as application onboarding and code auditing
Write documentation for Dora Vota developer communities

Bachelor in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or other related major
CosmosSDK development experience is necessary
Strong coding skills
Deep understanding in blockchain infrastructure technology and the CosmosSDK
Open source contribution in the past is greatly preferred
Excellent English communication skills
Rust Programming skills are preferred
Understand blockchain consensus protocols
Understand blockchain applications, smart contracts
Understanding Cosmos SDK and related tech stack is preferred
Strong logics
Professionalism and integrity