DevOps Engineer

Engineering – Infrastructure /
Full-time /
Espresso Systems is the lead developer of Espresso, supporting layer-2 rollups with scale, decentralization, and interoperability.

Rollups have enriched the greater Ethereum ecosystem with horizontal scalability and a diversity of execution environments, but at the expense of fragmentation—apps across rollups do not have the same shared liquidity and interoperability as apps on the Ethereum L1. Espresso is a shared sequencing marketplace for rollups to increase utility for their users through improved safety, liveness, and interoperability—while being compensated for the value they create and maintaining their autonomy.

Contributors to Espresso comprise a diverse team located around the world. We are passionate about building a better infrastructure for how we transact and interact online. We are builders, designers, researchers, and hackers and have contributed in academia, in open source communities, in policymaking, and beyond. We are backed by over $50m in funding from leading investors in technology and crypto including a16z, Greylock Partners, Electric Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Polychain Capital.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will assist the development team in building infrastructure to support production deployment of the Espresso Sequencer, tooling for the deployment of test networks, and other internal and user-facing infrastructure.


    • Monitoring and management of an AWS cloud environment
    • Assisting with CI/CD pipelines and general code management practices
    • Helping develop example tooling for deployment of Espresso Systems services


    • Experience working with containers in hosted environments
    • Experience with Terraform or other similar declarative cloud operations technologies
    • Comfort working in the Linux command line


    • Experience with Ansible, AWS container orchestration, Docker, Github Actions, Nix, Rust, and Terraform


    • Fully remote with flexible hours
    • Work alongside the brightest minds in the crypto space
    • Competitive salary + equity package
    • Regular team off-sites to international locations
    • Unlimited vacation policy
    • Top-tier health, dental, and vision coverage for US employees