Founder's Associate Intern

Berlin /
Central Office /
/ Hybrid
At Everstores, we are building a next-generation technology platform to unlock the D2C (direct-to-consumer) e-commerce asset class at scale and provide exit liquidity to small merchants. We have raised €20m in funding from Earlybird Venture Capital, Picus Capital, Viola Credit, and top-tier angels. We were founded in 2022 and are based in Berlin.

Our team combines deep expertise across engineering, data, e-commerce, and investing. We’re ambitious entrepreneurs that approach everything from first principles and with curiosity as we problem-solve at the frontier of challenging open-ended problems. We are always looking for humble talent that moves fast, fears average, and takes extreme ownership to join our ranks.

We are looking for a rockstar Founder’s Associate Intern to work directly with our founders and the management team. You will take on a multi-disciplinary role with end-to-end responsibility for various strategic and operational projects across the company.


    • You will work towards building sustainable and scalable processes. You will help us reimagine and craft optimised, sustainable, and scalable processes across integrations of e-commerce brands in our platform and their operations. This is an opportunity to build systems and practices from the ground - with no pre-defined notions of what’s right and wrong - supported by a diverse group of smart people.
    • You will help us think through organisational design and support in hiring accordingly. You will be involved in thinking through the organisational design of our company, support in developing role descriptions and actively drive our hiring. 
    • You will support us in the evaluation of e-commerce brands. We are developing a new approach towards evaluating e-commerce shops – for this, you will help us in the sourcing and evaluation of the brands.

Key Requirements

    • You are a strong communicator. You have strong communication skills and like to interact with diverse internal and external stakeholders.
    • You are analytical and structured. You have a high degree of comfort with analytics and numbers, and maintain a highly structured way of working across multiple topics.
    • You are eager to take ownership of your projects. You bring an entrepreneurial and hands-on mindset, crafting your projects from scratch and taking full ownership of managing and executing them.
    • You want to contribute to an inclusive and fun work environment. You are eager to support building up a great team culture across our diverse team.
    • You study business or a related subject with top results. You have studied business administration, industrial engineering, or a comparable subject for at least 4 semesters at a top university and have collected first work experience through internships in a fast-paced work environment (e.g. consulting, banking, venture capital, startup).

Core Values

    • We prefer to move fast and iterate.
    • We have a growth mindset and fear average.
    • We believe in taking extreme ownership and granting autonomy to others in their work.
    • We share in both successes and failures.
    • We think the best ideas should always win regardless of where they come from. 
    • We focus on outcomes and don’t confuse activity with progress.