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At Everstores, we are building a next-generation technology platform to unlock the D2C (direct-to-consumer) e-commerce asset class at scale and provide exit liquidity to small merchants. We have raised €20m in funding from Earlybird Venture Capital, Picus Capital, Viola Credit, and top-tier angels. We were founded in 2022 and are based in Berlin.

Our team combines deep expertise across engineering, data, e-commerce, and investing. We’re ambitious entrepreneurs that approach everything from first principles and with curiosity as we problem-solve at the frontier of challenging open-ended problems. We are always looking for humble talent that moves fast, fears average, and takes extreme ownership to join our ranks.


    • You will work on a broad range of technologies and products. Our product portfolio includes a customer-facing merchant portal, a set of internal data analytics tools, and the underlying data infrastructure – a centralized analytics platform, data processing and ML pipelines.
    • You will work directly with our founding team and our cross-functional leadership team. You will be a sparring partner for our CTO – Kirill.
    • From day one, you will directly manage a team of 5 experienced engineers across software and data roles. As our company grows rapidly, we expect that the engineering team will grow 3-4x over the next 1-2 years.
    • You will own the entire software development cycle and contribute to the strategic direction of technology and products at our company. You will spend your time equally between (1) architecture, technology roadmap, project and stakeholder management, and (2) managing and coaching your team. For the first 6-12 months, the role will be partially hands-on and involve coding/code reviews (⅓ of time). 
    • You will work in a truly cross-functional environment and have a direct impact on every area of our core business. Our engineering team collaborates with every commercial – growth, finance, operations, integrations, and acquisitions – team.

Key Requirements

    • You have +8 years of work experience in software engineering with +2 years experience of managing people. Our founding team is young but eager to learn, and we are looking for people who “did it before”. Ideally, you have experience building technology / designing architecture for operationally-intensive companies (e.g. e-commerce operations, quick commerce, logistics, etc).
    • You are comfortable with our tech-stack – we use GCP (GKE with Helm, BigQuery, Vertex), Python (PyData) for internal applications, and Elixir (Phoenix LiveView) for publicly available applications. It is sufficient if you have experience with similar technologies from other cloud providers (AWS, Azure) or comparable web frameworks (Django, Flask, Rails). Knowledge of Python is a must.
    • You can drive technology choices across our product portfolio and design an architecture that will support rapid growth of our commercial operations. We expect you to improve our infrastructure and organize software development processes to ensure delivery.
    • You can help everyone at the company grow by sharing your knowledge and take pride and joy when coaching your reports. We expect that you will help us build a high-performing engineering organization.
    • You enjoy working with stakeholders from commercial teams and see them as equal partners. You can easily communicate across functions and collaborate with colleagues from consulting, operations, investment backgrounds.
    • You like to work in a fast-paced non-hierarchical environment where tech and business teams solve problems together instead of tech implementing solutions requested by the business. See our company values below.

Core Values

    • We prefer to move fast and iterate.
    • We have a growth mindset and fear average.
    • We believe in taking extreme ownership and granting autonomy to others in their work.
    • We share in both successes and failures.
    • We think the best ideas should always win regardless of where they come from. 
    • We focus on outcomes and don’t confuse activity with progress.