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At Everstores, we are building a next-generation technology platform to unlock the D2C (direct-to-consumer) e-commerce asset class at scale and provide exit liquidity to small merchants. We have raised €20m in funding from Earlybird Venture Capital, Picus Capital, Viola Credit, and top-tier angels. We were founded in 2022 and are based in Berlin.

Our team combines deep expertise across engineering, data, e-commerce, and investing. We’re ambitious entrepreneurs that approach everything from first principles and with curiosity as we problem-solve at the frontier of challenging open-ended problems. We are always looking for humble talent that moves fast, fears average, and takes extreme ownership to join our ranks.


    • You’ll work in lock-step with our CEO and CTO to guide the strategic direction of the business, build a top-notch organisation, and develop technologically-driven operational excellence.
    • You’ll manage day-to-day operations and design, implement, and execute company-wide strategies, procedures, and plans. You’ll be the driving force of cross-functional collaboration and engagement.
    • You’ll set goals (quarterly OKRs and long-term strategic objectives) for business performance and growth.
    • You’ll develop, analyse, and interpret company-wide operational data/key metrics to evaluate and improve operational performance. You’ll build structures that collect key metrics and display them in an impactful way and create a culture that respects these metrics religiously.
    • You’ll have direct ownership of and responsibility for building structures and SOPs related to our acquisition process and portfolio operations. You’ll productise these with our CTO and engineers and lead our teams across Sourcing, Deal Execution (Due Diligence), Integrations, Growth, and Supply Chain. 
    • You’ll interface with every corner of the company, including Growth, Finance, Legal, and HR, and play a key role in fundraising activities and board and investor reporting.

Key Requirements

    • You have prior experience as COO or from a similar senior operational role, ideally within the e-commerce space. A background in management consulting, investment banking, or private equity is also interesting. Minimum +5 years of experience.
    • You’re a force of rigorous execution and operational excellence and have a track record to show for it. You move fast, have an execution mindset, and maintain a sense of urgency and bias towards action.
    • You have experience in designing and implementing profitable business strategies. You are a systems thinker, obsess about improving structures and processes to maximise outputs, and have first-rate problem-solving and analytical abilities.
    • You lean on data for all key decisions and understand key business drivers and how to measure and improve on them relentlessly.
    • You’ve managed high-performing teams. You have exceptional people leadership and interpersonal skills. You set an impeccable example and inspire others to deliver extraordinary results.
    • You can effortlessly marry the execution of day-to-day operations with longer-term strategic thinking. You understand when to step out of hands-on directing and coach others throughout the business.

Core Values

    • We prefer to move fast and iterate.
    • We have a growth mindset and fear average.
    • We believe in taking extreme ownership and granting autonomy to others in their work.
    • We share in both successes and failures.
    • We think the best ideas should always win regardless of where they come from. 
    • We focus on outcomes and don’t confuse activity with progress.