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FTX US is a US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, built from the ground up. Its mission is for FTX US to grow the digital currency ecosystem, to offer US and international traders a platform that inspires their loyalty, and to become the market leading US regulated cryptocurrency exchange by volume within the next two years. We are looking for talented individuals to join our fast paced team to help us on this mission!  

Whether you’re a fan of FTX US, a friend told you we're a great team to work with, or you’ve been looking for something new, we may have an opening down the road and we'd love to chat then.

Right now we're hiring in the US with preference for Chicago and Miami.

Below are our current teams:

    • Software Engineering (Typescript, React, RESTful API, Rust, Javascript, Python)
    • Data and Analytics
    • Product Development
    • Compliance
    • Customer Support
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
Even if you don't see a team that fits, let’s start a conversation and see what we can find for you. 👋

FTX US is an equal opportunity employer.