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Finley helps innovative companies unlock growth by helping them maximize their access to debt capital.

In industries from finance to real estate, today's most innovative startups rely on debt capital to fuel their growth. But managing debt capital manually is so error-prone and labor-intensive that it might as well be rocket science. Debt capital borrowers need to track (and comply with) hundreds of pages of credit agreement rules and requirements in order to maintain access to their funding. One key borrower obligation is data and compliance reporting.

Our software automates debt capital management and reporting by connecting with source systems and generating asset reports in the formats capital providers expect to see, which saves borrowers time and money as well as ensuring that they can maximize their capital access.

The Role

We’re looking for Software Engineers to join our Engineering team. As an early employee, you’ll be responsible for designing, building, and testing an entirely new category of capital markets software from the ground up. You’ll architect and build the infrastructure that helps fintechs around the world collectively manage billions of dollars. Just as importantly, you’ll help shape the engineering culture and trajectory of a Series A startup.

We’re looking for 0 → 1 individuals who are comfortable with autonomy early on and excited to build structures that will scale their own impact over time. In other words, we’re looking for candidates who want to build a lasting company just as much as they want to build industry-changing software. 

We believe in finding the best technology for the job, and being disciplined with only adopting the tools that actually let us move faster, build more securely, and enable a higher quality of life. We hate inefficiency and embrace intellectual debate to constantly find ways to make our lives easier and products better. Our tech stack (see below) reflects that philosophy.

Your responsibilities

    • You will be responsible for helping architect, build, and scale the first lender-borrower relationship platform for the debt capital markets.
    • You will work with the team to design, product manage, and test early features for the Finley system.
    • You will become an expert in information security, data engineering and API design in a heavily regulated space.
    • You will become an expert on structured finance (no worries, we’ll fill you in!) and the ways in which technology can bring standardization to a field accustomed to legacy solutions.
    • You will help grow the Finley team by helping interview job candidates, mentor new engineers, and document standard operating procedures.

Our tech stack

    • Backend: NodeJS + Express, Apollo Server, Typescript
    • Frontend: React + Hooks, Typescript, GraphQL, Apollo Client
    • Database: Postgres + Knex
    • Infrastructure: AWS, Docker, ECS, CDK

We're looking for

    • Builders. You have experience building web applications for 5+ years and can scope and ship products independently. 
    • Problem-solvers. You focus on delivering outcomes and prefer to use the right tool for the job, rather than building for building’s sake. (That said, getting excited about our tech stack built on Node.js, React, GraphQL and AWS wouldn’t hurt. See above.) 
    • Collaborators. You like collaborating with Business, Design, and Product functions in addition to other engineers. You stay intellectually honest, challenge others without ego, and believe that the best solutions only emerge when everyone brings their perspective to the table.
    • Systems thinkers. You enjoy the complexity of designing for a range of stakeholders (think borrowers, lenders, and banks) and source systems. You get excited about designing for the long-term. 
    • Team-builders. You look forward to helping recruit, train, and mentor a team of engineers at Finley.