Operations Specialist

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Operations /
Full Time
Food Rocket is an application that provides customers with on-demand 10-15-minute grocery delivery without the delivery fee or minimum order requirements from our dark stores within a 1-mile radius. We are bringing a completely new grocery buying experience to our customers by replacing regular stores. We are looking to add to our team high-energy, part-time and full-time e-scooter / e-bike riders. The ideal candidate must have a strong work ethic, flexibility, outstanding customer service skills, and desire to succeed. 

The Operations Specialist role is a hub based. The role assists in-shift activities end to end customer focused for order fulfillment and delivery with some admin duties. It requires dedicated focus on inventory work to be completed while having a strong understanding of inventory oversight in the hub. This role lives in market operations. Time split between hub and field operations depends on operational demand, skill set and best fit and team mix. Those with stronger skills in one area or another may be flexed to fill these tasks depending on the mix of skills in shifts and on the team as a whole. Estimate target is 80/20 hub to field and may vary by shift and operations needs. 


    • $14.27 - $17.85 per hour­

Goals and Objectives

    • Exemplify Food Rocket core values.
    • Lead team by example and promote continuous improvement through training and KPIs.
    • Work with management to identify efficiencies and contribute to daily operational decisions.
    • Increase responsibility and ability to function in the Admin role. 

Ownership Metrics

    • Client Service Level: as related to feedback from client(s) on individual performance and team performance during managing shifts.
    • Performance expectations: KPI and focus on days/shifts responsible for as well as Individual KPI.
    • Daily tasks: completion metrics for team.
    • Owned reports and tasks: reporting (daily/EOD/inactive/other) completed on schedule as agreed upon. 

Growth Piece

    • Work with a set of and increasing responsibility to take on increasing level of decision making and higher operational impact tasks as assigned by the manager.
    • Act as float / sub for admin duties - dispatching, advanced inventory and operational tasks.
    • Ability to coordinate activities in shift.

Hub Operations 50-70%

 Work closely with the hub team to coordinate daily operations. Plan and implement daily shift plans for task completion on Admin level. 
 ● Understand how to pick and pack an order and be able to fill an order to meet and exceed company performance metrics for speed and accuracy.
 ● Have advanced knowledge of QC and inventory oversight.
 ● Ability to work tasks at every phase of inventory as moves through hub.
 ● Ability to troubleshoot inventory issues and resolve autonomously and working in team and cross-departmentally.
 ● Strong understanding of all tasks in WMS and how to complete these. 
 Specialized tasks / reports as assigned.

Field Operations  10-30% 
 ● Ability to flex in to deliver at any time. 
 ● Ensuring every delivery is completed to company and location standard operating procedures and customer expectations.
 ● Stay up to date with all field operational changes and current policies and procedures. 
 ● Understand all duties and tasks as assigned for delivery rider role and how this supports good customer service.
 ● Good communication on all field activities, responsive while in field and able to react quickly to change.
 ● Assist in creating processes that promote core values, are scalable and value adding.
 ● Basic ability for all rider apps and equipment. Understand how to use in shift and basic troubleshooting.
 ● Support proper field equipment use and reporting.
 ● Understand basics of how to dispatch 

Customer Service 20% 
 ● Work with FR Admin to ensure proper communication, manage expectations, and maintain a positive relationship. Respond to client requests in line company processes.
 ● Provide timely and clear feedback on issues. Seek proactive resolutions and take preventative action.
 ● Manage backend ticketing, entering, prioritizing, coordinating as necessary.
 Handle critical issues when required to and/or process for escalation. 

Availability: Must be available and willing to work any shift* in hub and flex into all areas of hub operations as needed.
 *based off availability at hire and manager approval to fit team and location scheduling needs.

Drives Operations Through
­Completion of tasks at or above expectation
Clear communication cross departmentally ­
Leading by example in field and hub operations 

Wage Impacts ­
Technical ability
Specialized certifications (such as DL, tier/class fleet certification) 
Cross functional skill level 
Level of ability to train others and influence positive work contribution from team­
Balance of hub and field duties and responsibilities 
Decision-making skills
Strong customers focus on the ability to prioritize and execute tasks and also communicate  activities to others