Community Intern 社群營運實習生 (Roo)

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About us
Gogolook is a leading TrustTech company established in 2012. With "Build for Trust" as its core value, it aims to create an AI- and data-driven global anti-fraud network as well as Risk Management as a Service. From multi-communication to fintech, and SaaS, Gogolook creates trustworthy empowerment with the use of technology in various fields.
A founding member of the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA), Gogolook has also teamed up with a number of institutes such as the Taiwan National Police Agency Criminal Investigation Bureau, the Financial Supervisory Service of South Korea, Thai Royal Police, the Fukuoka city government, the Philippines Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center, and the Royal Malaysia Police and state government to fight fraud and ultimately, to build a trustworthy communication network with the largest number database in East Asia and Southeast Asia. In July 2023, TrustTech provider Gogolook completed its IPO listing on the Taiwan Innovation Board (TIB) of the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), under the ticker number 6902.

Why you should join Gogolook
1. Influential products: What we make are meaningful products that create values for society and defend against frauds.
2. Emphasize self-growth: We encourage technical community activities, subsidize tickets for conferences and workshops so that learning is continuously supported by the company.
3. Unleash your talent: We respect the professional opinions of everyone, encourage team members to discuss with each other, and make awesome products together.
4. Transparent culture: We publicly share the company's information to all, every member can read and feedback, and become a part of participating in the proposal.

作為投資理財討論平台 投資方程市 的社群實習生,你將協助營造活躍且吸引人的社群氛圍,主要職責包括:創建吸引人的話題內容、串連用戶之間的討論、積極參與每週的投資理財主題企劃、協助佈建及發展我們的投資理財社群內容主題等。



    • 社群維運:協助日常社群活動的監督和管理,包括回文互動、及確保討論的品質。
    • 內容創建與策劃:協助創建和策劃吸引用戶討論的投資理財主題,包括撰寫和編輯內容。
    • 用戶互動:提升社群互動氛圍,增加用戶互動,並處理回應用戶的回饋與討論。
    • 數據分析:分析用戶參與數據,評估社群貼文成效,並根據分析結果提出主題改進方案。


    • 對於投資有熱情,並且自身有在投資。
    • 熟悉一種或以上投資方法,並且樂於學習其他投資方法。
    • 熱愛學習與創新,具金融市場基礎知識,對行銷科技與金融科技領域有熱忱。
    • 良好溝通合作能力,能迅速彙整並表達對市場資訊的觀察與主題發想切角。
    • 善於文案撰寫與社群論壇型媒體經營(如:PTT、Dcard、Thread、FB、IG)。
    • 熟悉至少一項美編設計軟體( 如:Canva / Illustrator),用以製作圖文素材。


    • 已有經營投資理財社群帳號。
    • 其他投資面的作品集(如:參加校內或證券業投資競賽等)。
    • 具有實際投資經驗,熟悉國內外投資工具或財經資訊管道。
    • 熟悉輿論數據分析工具,具有洞察社群內容與行銷成效優化之案例經驗。
【上班時間】週一至週五平日,一週至少配合 3 天以上,實習時長至少可配合 6 個月,可配合一年者佳。