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What we're doing
GraphCDN is the missing ingredient that helps teams scale, inspect, and secure their GraphQL APIs in production. We're building the tools we wish we'd had in our past projects.

GraphQL helps developers ship products quickly, and we love it to bits. Unfortunately, no modern CDN supports GraphQL APIs, and teams are left to build their own custom caching and security solutions from scratch. This work is distracting and complex and rarely works as well as it should.

To fix this, we created GraphCDN.

Who we are
Tim lives in Berlin and is the creator of the GraphQL Playground and graphql-request. He was previously the first engineer at Prisma (Graphcool), where he helped scale the team from 3 to over 40 people.

Max lives in Vienna and is the creator of styled-components and react-boilerplate. He previously co-founded Spectrum (acquired by GitHub in 2018) and worked at GatsbyJS.

GraphCDN is a remote-first company without any physical offices, and we have regular off-sites to meet each other face-to-face. We’re building an exceptional and diverse team with the trust and autonomy to do the best work of our lives.

GraphCDN is backed by some of the best people in the industry, including Guillermo Rauch (CEO, Vercel), Tom Preston-Werner (Founder, GitHub), Matt Biilmann, Christian Bach (Co-CEOs, Netlify), Jason Warner (CTO, GitHub), Andreas Klinger (CTO, On Deck), Nicolas Dessaigne (Founder, Algolia) and many others.

Future founder promise
Do you want to build your own startup eventually but aren't quite ready? Come work at GraphCDN, and we'll teach you everything we know about starting something new. Then, once you are ready to start your own company, we'll be your first angel investors and introduce you to all of our investors!

Who you are
We care deeply about design. How GraphCDN works, looks, and feels is going to be critical for our success. We worked with a great agency for our initial design but want to bring it in-house early.

We are looking for our first designer to cover all of our early design needs, from branding over marketing to the user-facing dashboard. You should have several years of experience working in early-stage startups and have ideally designed technical products for engineers in the past. Eventually, we would love for you to build and lead our design team.

What you'll do

    • Contribute to the overall product design and direction for the entire company
    • Shape our long-term strategy, and execute on the short-term tactics to get there
    • Help establish a recognizable brand design with clear marketing and copywriting (75%)
    • Use, shape, and help build our design system (25%)
    • Set a new bar for product quality through close collaboration with engineering and product
    • Ship quickly with the intent to learn from customers and validate your assumptions
    • Craft a culture of design excellence, ideally growing and leading a larger design team in the future


    • Several years of experience designing high-quality digital products
    • Excellent visual and interaction design skills
    • Good taste in tools, APIs, and products that developers will enjoy using
    • Technical skills to help implement your designs in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (React)

What we value

    • Intensity — Working at a high-growth startup comes with an intensity that we cherish. However, it is a marathon, not a sprint. We stay calm and prepare for the long-term by staying healthy and reflecting regularly on our progress.
    • Diversity — We have ambitious plans, and we are building a team of extraordinary people to help us get there. We understand the importance of diverse perspectives and lived experiences.
    • Intentionality — We build infrastructure used in our customer's critical path, so we must be rock solid and stable. Every decision we make is considered and tested.
    • Autonomy — Exceptional people trust each other to act with integrity and respect, even when nobody else is watching. You will have the freedom to decide how to spend your time and what to work on in order to chart the future direction of the company.
    • Accountability — Autonomy requires accountability: the future success of this company depends on your daily choices. You should be excited to feel that weight on your shoulders.
    • Fairness — We value our people and want to treat everybody as equitably as possible. All salaries are transparent within the company and are set above local market rates. We reserve meaningful equity for employees because we want our early team to be rewarded for their work.
    • Candor — We are honest and speak directly with each other. We recognize that candid feedback is a gift and that it’s part of our job to lift each other up with clarity and kindness.
Our team is invested in building the best product for our customers. To align our team, we grant meaningful equity in the business. Our equity grants even have an extended exercise window, giving you time and flexibility to buy your options without worrying about massive tax bills.

Our team understands the importance of side projects, building in the open, and giving back through open-source software. Because of this, we use the Balanced Employee IP Agreement (BEIPA), which allows you to maintain ownership of any intellectual property created outside of GraphCDN.

We are a remote-first company looking for talented people to join us in any time zone ranging from GMT-8 (e.g., California) to GMT+6 (e.g., Bangladesh) in any of these 150+ countries. We offer flexibility to employ you officially in your own country or bring you on as a contractor — we are happy to talk through all the legal details if you're unsure of what makes the most sense for your situation.

We invite the best people from all walks of life to come work with us. We don't discriminate based on gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, pregnancy status, veteran status, or any other differences. Our application process is flexible, so please let us know how we can make the interview process better for you; we're happy to accommodate!

One more thing
Even if your experience doesn’t exactly match this job description, we know that your curiosity and passion will be enough to set you apart. We want to work with people who have diverse perspectives and backgrounds, will challenge us, and aren’t afraid to rethink the status quo. If this sounds like you, join us — we are excited to hear from you.