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At a glance

We are looking for a content designer with experience building brands and digital platforms while collaborating closely with clients. You’ll work closely with remote team members and clients to bring products, concepts, and stories to life in a productive distributed environment. You’re an advocate for the brand from articulating the essence and mission through the voice and tone all the way through to the tiny details on a social post.
You think strategically about the creation and delivery of content across channels to deliver inspiring and useful messages at the right time. You’ll work together with others to define the core values of the brands we design and ensure that every experience - from the promotional to the transactional, embodies and accentuates those values.
We’re a small team and everybody wears multiple hats, so be prepared to be a swiss-army knife and tackle all aspects of the creation process from research to build.

Traits we're looking for

You love words
You have a way with words and can balance personality and delight with utility. You have a knack for simplifying and understanding the power of a perfectly timed pun. You know how to use punctuation to add rhythm, humor, or weight to a sentence. Writing is your craft, and you find ways to create brand moments through language.

Move between brand, content and product thinking
You love working with copy, but know that content goes deeper than just word-smithing. You have a knack for visualizing content hierarchy and love to collaborate with design to help bring your visions to life across a variety of platforms.

Use research to inform and data to validate
Work with team members across design, engineering, product, and marketing to understand business goals and customer challenges to craft elegant flows that are led with vision, but informed by research and validated with data. You care about getting to know customers and their motivations, language, and needs.

Familiarity with modern collaboration tools
You believe that tools are only useful if they're the right fit for a job. You're not married to your tools; you're married to positive and successful outcomes. Also, you're cool with folks jamming alongside your writing as you collaborate on work in real-time.

At Green Stone

Work from anywhere
Our distributed workforce model allows you to work from wherever you want, and post-pandemic you’re welcome to join us in one of the many co-working spaces we camp out in across the US and Canada.

Design a company
Be a builder - We are just as passionate about designing our dream company from the ground up, as we are about designing best-in-class work for our clients. Join us to do both.

Do work that matters
Our entire company is built to focus on creating meaningful value for the individual, institution and world at large. We only bring on clients that allow us to do that, and you’ll only work on projects that offer that opportunity to create real value for real people. We don’t want to work on anything else, and our guess is neither do you.

Application instructions

To apply, please send over your portfolio with some examples of work-related projects along with a short blurb about why you’re interested in joining Green Stone. We’d also love to know if you could redesign any brand or digital product/experience/service in the world, what would it be and why?